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RallyX Nordic and SM Arvika Entry Lists Revealed

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Credit: RallyX Nordic

After the season-opening All-Star ‘Magic Weekend’ at Höljes earlier this month, the RallyX Nordic series will be returning to Arvika next weekend for round 3 together with the Swedish Rallycross Championship which will be called ‘Svenska Superfinalen’.

Arvika has always been a popular event on the RallyX Nordic calendar due to its elevation changes. Now the entry list for the event has been published with over 100 competitors from both series combined.

In the Supercar class, the double FIA World Rallycross Champion Johan Kristoffersson will be returning to his local track and will be hoping to follow up his win in round 2.

Rallycross veteran Peter Hedström, who runs the ever successful team Hedströms Motorsport, will make his return for the season as he will be driving one of the team’s Volkswagen Polo’s together with Lars Andersson, who switches from the team’s Ford Fiesta he used at the Magic Weekend.

Credit: RallyX Nordic

Double RX2 International Series champion Oliver Eriksson is also one of the favorites to win the event, with the Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta driver joined by Jamaican Fraser McConnell in the second car. McConnell made his Supercar debut at Höljes, where he also reached the final in the second round.

Another RX2 driver is Anders Michalak, who will be returning for another go in the Supercar class – he will be driving an older spec Ford Fiesta for Olsbergs MSE.

Another well-known name that is keen to be back for more rallycross action is 74-year-old Per Eklund. He will be driving the flame spitting Volkswagen Beetle for #MKIVRX, joining Dan Öberg in the same team but he’ll be driving an older Volkswagen Scirocco.

In the Supercar Lites class, Simon Olofsson and Jesse Kallio – who both won a round each at Höljes, are headlining the 13-strong entrants.

Credit: RallyX Nordic

Other driver that could possible take a win is Kallio’s team-mate Linus Östlund, who currently sits third in the championship standings. #YellowSquad’s Henrik Krogstad and the ‘elderman’ Mats Oskarsson are also two drivers to watch out for.

Lars Erik Haug will be returning to the series after he missed the first weekend due to the restrictions of COVID-19.

Nathalie Petersson also appears on the entry list, although she had lost one of her main sponsors for the weekend but she is working hard to get the funding together so she can compete.

Picking a favourite for the CrossCar/Crosskart class will not be easy. Headlining the entrants is World RX driver Kevin Hansen, who will be making his return with his dad’s team LifeLive Nordic.

Both of the Höljes winners, Max Rundberg and Oskar Andersson, are returning for the weekend together with Isak Reiersen, who is also one of the drivers that could be set for a strong result in the class.

Credit: RallyX Nordic

The new CrossCar Junior class sees also both of the Höljes winners Alex Gustafsson and Raoul Dahlqvist returning.

Beside the 51 RallyX Nordic entrants, there will be a total of 70 Swedish Rallycross Championship drivers in the 2400, Supernational, RM 2150 and Junior SM classes, as the SM Finals join the bill for what looks sure to be the biggest rallycross event ever held in Sweden.

The event can be viewed via livestreams across the weekend as the current restrictions don’t allow spectators at the track, with NEP also broadcasting the RallyX Nordic series while SBF Play will be showing the SM classes.

The finals on Sunday can also be followed live for three hours on TV on the SVT channel. All the livestream options, except SVT, will be available world-wide.

The ‘Svenska Superfinalen’ entry lists:


1Johan KristofferssonSWEVW Dealer Team BauhausVolkswagen Polo
5Lars AnderssonSWEHedströms MotorsportVolkswagen Polo
6Peter HedströmSWEHedströms MotorsportVolkswagen Polo
8Per EklundSWE#MKIVRX Volkswagen Beetle
12Anders MichalakSWEOlsbergs MSEFord Fiesta
16Oliver ErikssonSWEOlsbergs MSEFord Fiesta
35Fraser McConnellJAMOlsbergs MSEFord Fiesta
44Stene JohansenNORJohansen MotorsportFord Fiesta
67Frank ValleNORFrank Valle MotorsportFord Fiesta
88Daniel ThorénSWETiKRXVolkswagen Polo
99Dan ÖbergSWE#MKIVRX Volkswagen Scirocco
105Linus WestmanSWELIWE RXFord Fiesta

Supercar Lites

8Gustav JohanssonSWEVGracingSupercar Lites
10Martin JonssonSWEAlfta Racing TeamSupercar Lites
11Mats OskarssonSWEMORXSupercar Lites
14Nils AnderssonSWETiKRXSupercar Lites
18Linus ÖstlundSWEOlsbergs MSESupercar Lites
33Lars Erik HaugNORHaug Rallycross TeamSupercar Lites
37Nathalie PeterssonSWENatha’s MotorsportSupercar Lites
47Jesse KallioFINOlsbergs MSESupercar Lites
52Simon OlofssonSWESTS RXSupercar Lites
60Martin EnlundSWEOlsbergs MSESupercar Lites
77Henrik KrogstadNOR#YellowSquadSupercar Lites
90Jimmie WalfridsonSWEHelmia MotorsportSupercar Lites
91Niklas AneklevSWEOlsbergs MSESupercar Lites


9Kevin HansenSWELifeLive NordicTN5
10Per GoodisonSWETPK SverigeSpeedcar
11Jimmie ÖsterbergSWEÖsterberg MotorsportSpeedcar
20Julle LjungdahlSWETiKRXSpeedcar
31Jan Emil WilsbergNORJan Emil WilsbergSpeedcar
47Jimmy KarlssonSWEJK Racing SwedenRX01
51Linda JohanssonSWEJson MotorsportSpeedcar
62Robin NordSWECarcontrolSpeedcar
66Max RundbergSWEJson MotorsportSpeedcar
67Isac EgonssonSWECarcontrolSpeedcar
100Andreas PerssonSWEHelmia MotorsportYMS
105Simen ØdegårdenSWEHelmia MotorsportYMS
110Thomas Eek MurstadNORMurstad MotorsportYMS
118Fredrik ErikssonSWEFredrik ErikssonEDGE
161Patrik HallbergSWEPatrik HallbergSpeedcar
170Isak ReiersenSWEJC Raceteknik JuniorteamYMS
175Timmy EnlundSWEEnlunds MotorsportEDGE
183Oskar AnderssonSWEEnlunds MotorsportCasmat
190André BendixenNORBendixen MotorsportKamikaz
605Mattias AnderssonSWEMattias AnderssonSpeedcar
767Aron Jensen MarumNORKermit Racing TeamKamikaz

CrossCar Junior

10Erik AnderssonSWECarcontrolSpeedcar
21Rasmus PerssonSWECarcontrolSpeedcar
99Lukas AnderssonSWELukas AnderssonSpeedcar
199Alex GustafssonSWEJC Raceteknik JuniorteamSpeedcar
200Raoul DahlqvistFINDahlqvist RXSpeedcar

Swedish Rallycross Championship

NO/DriverMotorsport ClubCar/TeamClass
101. Simon TigerKalix MotorklubbBMW E30 M3
Team Odin Target
102. Marcus NormanLuleå MSMazda RX8 20B
Team Odin Target
103. Micke NilssonFinnskoga MKFord EscortSupernationell
104. Janne ErikssonFinnskoga MKBMW E 46 M3Supernationell
105. Per-Erik BlomkvistMSK HammarenVolvo S40 EvoSupernationell
111. Roland LarsamoKrokoms MKBMW E46 M3Supernationell
116. Lars EnglundKalix MKPorsche 911Supernationell
123. Fredrik TigerKalix MotorklubbPorsche 911
Team Odin Target
126. Andreas IsraelssonFinnskoga MKBMW M3Supernationell
130. Kenneth kongeMotorsport NordjyllandBMW M3Supernationell
131. Robin RørvikNMK AremarkVolvo S40Supernationell
202. Rasmus OlssonKarlskrona AKBMW E872400
203. SimonC ClaessonSkene MSVolvo S40 EVO2400
204. Rasmus CarlssonSMK NyköpingVolvo S 40
MECA Nyköping
206. John-Erik HaugNMK FlubergVolvo C-302400
207. Rasmus KarlssonSMK NyköpingFord Escort
MECA Nyköping
209. Niclas Härdevik NorströmMSK HammarenFord Escort RS 16V2400
211. Kevin ErikssonSMK TrollhättanSkoda Fabia
Sjuntorps Biltjänst AB
213. Anders JohanssonTeam MikroBMW E872400
217. Marcus EinarssonÖstmarks MFFVolvo 2422400
218. Kristian OlssonMK Team WestomVolvo S402400
222. Kristofer KarlssonLessebo MKSaab 9-3 Sport2400
224. Magnus EnvallSkövde MKVolvo 2422400
225. Per BerglundFinnskoga MKVolvo BMW m32400
246. Mathias JanssonRasbo MKVolvo S402400
271. Robin StaröVästerås MSToyota Corolla2400
298. Rasmus PalmSträngnäs AMSSkoda Fabia
Team palm
2006. Martin AnderssonStenungsunds MSBMW BMW M32400
2007. Simon HedgrenMk Team WestomVolvo S402400
2014. Mattias OhlssonBollnäs MKBMW M32400
2015. Jørgen SyversenNMK AremarkFord Fiesta MK62400
401. Björn “Putte” AlvarssonVadstena RRCPorsche 944RM 2150
404. Anton Eriksson TherusMK Team WestomBMW E36 318RM 2150
411. Johnny AlgotssonSMK NyköpingBMW 120RM 2150
416. Christian KarlssonVimmerby MSBMW 320 E46RM 2150
417. Oskar AnderssonBilklubben Dundret GällivareBMW E36 328RM 2150
418. Per NystedtSträgnäs AMSMazda RX-8RM 2150
421. Marcus SilforsMK Team WestomBMW 325RM 2150
423. Jörgen SturessonSkene MSSaab 99
Hejdu Hejdu Racing
RM 2150
429. Raymond NilssonStenungsunds MSSaab 99
Team Börjesson Maskin AB
RM 2150
433. August KrokströmFinnskoga MKBMW 325 E36RM 2150
437. Emili AnderssonAMF ÅrsundaOpel Astra
RM 2150
440. Marius TangenMK Team WestomSaab 900
RM 2150
452. Fredrik TinnstenKrokoms MKBMW E36 325RM 2150
474. Mattias LepistöRagundadalens RCBMW E36 320
Nilsson Motorsport
RM 2150
487. Johan WickelgrenSMK TrollhättanSaab 900RM 2150
490. Björn SamuelssonSkene MSVolvo 242RM 2150
493. Erik MagnussonKrokoms MKBMW 318RM 2150
495. Joakim StenströmTorslanda MKSaab 900RM 2150
4004. Marcus GustafssonHällevadsholms MKSaab 99RM 2150
4007. Henrik HambergHede MKVW Golf 4
RM 2150
4026. Magnus JohanssonÄlvbygdens MKPorsche 944RM 2150
4028. Sivert MastadMK Team TreskeSaab 900RM 2150
4030. Jim JanssonMK Team WestomBMW 318
NMS Sporting
RM 2150
4036. Jens HögbomVännäs MKBMW E36RM 2150
4038. Pontus KarlssonRasbo MKOpel KadettRM 2150
4043. Daniel GrandeKrokoms MKBMW E30 323
JBD Bildelar
RM 2150
4047. Henrik CarlssonFinnskoga MKSaab 99RM 2150
4049. Niklas HagströmFinnskoga MKSaab 99RM 2150
4050. Andreas OlssonMK Team TreskeSaab 90RM 2150
302. Linus BjörkSäffle MCVolvo 2402150 Jun
303. Filip MartinssonOrust BilsportklubbBMW E36 3252150 Jun
304. Oskar BjörkSäffle MCVolvo 2402150 Jun
306. Alexander JeppssonTomelilla MKBMW 325
Hagestigs Motorsport
2150 Jun
307. Jacob HillnerÖsternärkes RMCBMW E46 Touring2150 Jun
310. Johannes FreiholtzOrust BilsportsklubbSaab 900
2150 Jun
311. Daniel BlomqvistSäffle MCOpel Kadett E2150 Jun
313. Tobias TrejileSkene MSSaab 99
Hejdu Hejdu Racing
2150 Jun
315. Oskar HellströmSträngnäs AMSBMW E30 M32150 Jun
318. Robin NorrlanderKrokoms MKSAAB 902150 Jun
319. Robert OlssonKarlskrona AKBMW E302150 Jun
321. Klara AnderssonSMK HörbyBMW 1202150 Jun
328. Filip ThorenHallsberg MKBMW E36 3252150 Jun
329. Rasmus CarlssonFilipstads MCSaab 902150 Jun
332. Joel UhrAMF ÅrsundaSaab 900 Sedan
Team Lumek Motorsport
2150 Jun
335. Emil LarssonMK Team WestomVolvo 2422150 Jun
336. Eddie LarssonÅrjängs MotorklubbVolvo 2422150 Jun
337. Teodor GranbergKrokoms MKVolvo 2422150 Jun

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