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REVIEW: Assetto Corsa Competizione – 2020 GT World Challenge Pack DLC: The Best Just Got Better

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Photo Credit: Kunos Simulazioni/505 Games/ Steam

Kunos Simulazioni – the team behind two of the best racing sims currently available – have recently released a new pack for its latest Assetto Corsa Competizione title, with a new track, two new car models and over 60 liveries completing the 2020 GT World Challenge Pack.

As the title suggests the new downloadable content – currently available for the PC version with console content coming ‘later this winter’ – adds this season’s GT World Challenge cars, teams and drivers to the simulation as well as Imola – where the real-life hosted the opening round of its season back in July.

The new content coincides with the release of the 1.6 update to the game and this also features an improved AI as well as a new tyre model and extra additions such as a revised traction control system – perfect for the new cars that feature with the pack.

The Cars

I guess the starting point for this review is the price, which at £7.99 for the pack, is extremely good value in my opinion. The game itself has been around for a couple of years now and has become (again my opinion!) the leading GT3 simulation that is around right now.

For the price, you get two new car models in the form of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo (2020) and the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO and both have been created to the standard you come to expect from Kunos.

Two new car models feature as part of the new content. Photo Credit: Kunos Simulazioni/505 Games/ Steam

Both look stunning, sound amazing and are a perfect fit for the simulation. You could argue that both are simply just slightly different compared to their original models that were already in the game, but each feel unique and different to the cars they effectively replaced in GT racing.

As like with their real-life versions, both feature subtle but important differences and upgrades compared to their older versions. The Ferrari especially feels different to the old car when trying to gain as much grip as possible while cornering at low speed, while the Mercedes also feels unique and unlike anything else in the game.


As part of the pack, Kunos have also released Imola into the game. The Italian circuit which of course played host to Formula One for the first time in over a decade earlier this season was first teased by the developers on that very weekend, and it’s safe to say they’ve made a highly impressive job of recreating the famous circuit.

Imola isn’t new to Kunos – the original Assetto Corsa featured a highly detailed version of the track – but this feels a lot more up to date, especially with neat touches such as the Italian flag coloured curbs around the circuit.

The Italian circuit looks stunning. Photo Credit: Kunos Simulazioni/505 Games/ Steam

Every corner and every bump has been expertly recreated, meaning the track joins the list of other circuits in the game that have also been expertly created. You could argue that the circuit is worth the asking price alone, especially compared to some of the prices charged by rival simulations for new content such as iRacing.

The only ‘slight’ issue I have – and it could just be me not being quick enough – but the AI changes the team have made appear to make them a lot more likely to dive up the inside of you when you’re not expecting it and take you off the track.

I understand totally they’ve tried to make the AI more realistic, but at Imola at least, it appears as if they’ve turned the computer powered opponents into something of a set of battering rams at times.

The 2020 Season

As we all know, 2020 has been a unique year to say the least. None more so than in motorsport. Championships around the world started two or three months later than they normally do and often with a heavily changed calendar.

This however didn’t stop the real-life GT World Challenge from taking place, and each car from both the Sprint and Endurance series’ have been beautifully reproduced as part of this new content.

The 2020 GT World Challenge Europe series has been wonderfully reproduced. Photo Credit: Kunos Simulazioni/505 Games/ Steam

You could argue that a lot of the work has already been done in terms of the models themselves, but the extra skins really do make you feel as if you’re competing against some of the top GT drivers in the world.

Kunos must be praised for the work they’ve carried out during what has (and still remains to be) a very challenging time for everyone involved, and to create content that is of stunning quality, is pretty remarkable.

Is it Worth Your Money?

In a word, absolutely.

If you’re anything other than a very casual player, this DLC is a must buy, and at less than £8, it’s an absolute steal.

It’s also very appealing in terms of value when you compare it to the price of the other (also very good) packs the company have released over the last 18 months.

Both the International GT pack and then latterly the GT4 pack released earlier this year are both considerably more expensive, so if you’re looking to complete three years of GT racing of the highest calibre in Europe, then look no further than this stunning pack.

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