Porsche Carrera Cup North America

Priaulx secures pole in close Porsche Carrera Cup NA qualifying

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Seb Priaulx - Porsche Carrera Cup North America
Credit: Porsche NA

Seb Priaulx took the first pole position of the inaugural Porsche Carrera Cup North America season, beating Leh Keen by just 0.041 seconds in an incredibly close qualifying session.

The Kelly-Moss Road and Race driver has outpaced his rivals in the two official test sessions last week and the two practice sessions so far this weekend.

At the start of the 30 minute session at Sebring International Raceway it was Leh Keen in the #12 311RS Motorsport car that set the first benchmark time of 2:03.742. Riley Dickinson briefly took the Team Hardpoint EB car to the top of the times before Leh Keen stole pole position back again.

Kay van Berlo headed to the top of the timesheets with a time of 2:03.254 before Priaulx set the fastest time of the session on his third lap, a time of 2:03.109.

The time set by the Guernsey driver would remain untouched despite the best efforts of his rivals; Leh Keen was the driver that managed to get closest, but ultimately ended up 0.041 seconds down on the top time, which would be good enough to take him to a front-row start.

Early session leaders van Berlo and Dickinson had to settle for the second row of the grid as the top four drivers were covered by just 0.143 seconds within each other around the bumpy Sebring circuit.

Porsche Carrera Cup North America
Credit: Porsche NA

Leading the way in the Pro-Am category was Efrin Castro in the Team Hardpoint EBM car, setting a time of 2:04.636, good enough for thirteenth place overall, out qualifying two Pro drivers. Early Pro-Am pace setter Alan Metni finished the session second in class, with Rene Robichauld rounding out the top three positions.

Kurt Hunt topped the times in the Pro-Am 991 class for the previous generation Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, a time of 2:05.974 was good enough for seventeenth place, and impressive feat that put him ahead of seven Pro-Am drivers in the new 992-based cars. Goldcrest Motorsports duo of Matt Halcome and Jeffrey Majkrzak took second and third place in class.

The first race of the Porsche Carrera Cup North America will take place later today at 17:30 EST (21:30 GMT) and can be watched live at porschecarreracup.us.

Race 1 Qualifying times

1Pro15Seb Priaulx(J)Kelly-Moss Road and Race2:03.109
2Pro12Leh Keen311RS Motorsport2:03.150+0.041
3Pro3Kay van Berlo(J)Kelly-Moss Road and Race2:03.241+0.132
4Pro53Riley Dickinson(J)Team Hardpoint EBM2:03.252+0.143
5Pro7Maxwell Root(J)Moorespeed-Wright Motorsports2:03.471+0.362
6Pro38Dylan Murry(J)BGB Motorsports2:03.546+0.437
7Pro9Parker Thompson(J)JDX Racing2:03.919+0.810
8Pro11Ryan Gates311RS Motorsport2:03.981+0.872
9Pro58TJ FischerTopp Racing2:04.204+1.095
10Pro27Sebastian Carazo(J)Kelly-Moss Road and Race2:04.285+1.176
11Pro2Sean McAlister(J)JDX Racing2:04.320+1.211
12Pro14Erik JohanssonMRS GT Racing2:04.419+1.310
13Pro-Am65Efrin CastroTeam Hardpoint EBM2:04.636+1.527
14Pro16Jeff KingsleyMRS GT Racing2:05.080+1.971
15Pro88Hutton McKennaWright Motorsports2:05.088+1.979
16Pro-Am99Alan MetniiFly/Kelly-Moss2:05.103+1.994
17PA99124Kurt HuntACI Motorsports2:05.974+2.865
18Pro-Am84Rene RobichaudKelly-Moss Road and Race2:06.021+2.912
19PA99155Matt HalcomeGoldcrest Motorsports2:06.076+2.967
20Pro-Am69Thomas CollingwoodBGB Motorsports2:06.213+3.104
21Pro-Am10Vernon McClureTPC Racing2:06.265+3.156
22Pro-Am17Curt SwearinginACI Motorsports2:06.312+3.203
23Pro-Am54Tim PappasJDX Racing2:06.410+3.301
24Pro-Am57John GoetzWright Motorsports2:06.779+3.670
25PA99129Jeffrey MajkrzakGoldcrest Motorsports2:07.259+4.150
26PA99156Frank RasoTopp Racing2:07.509+4.400
27PA99172Phillip MartienGoldcrest Motorsports2:07.560+4.451
28Pro-Am42Bill SmithTopp Racing2:07.642+4.533
29PA99121Grady WillinghamGoldcrest Motorsports2:07.961+4.852
30PA99197Craig ConwayIrish Mike’s Racing2:09.200+6.091
31PA99192Joseph LombardoKelly-Moss Road and Race2:09.610+6.501
32PA9918Joe StillGoldcrest Motorsports2:09.613+6.504
33PA99159Tom BalamesKelly-Moss Road and Race2:10.524+7.415
34PA99164Ted GiovanisACI MotorsportsNo Time
(J) Indicates Porsche North America Junior programme

Race 2 Qualifying times

Times based on second-fastest time of each driver in qualifying.

1Pro15Seb Priaulx(J)Kelly-Moss Road and Race2:03.245
2Pro3Kay van Berlo(J)Kelly-Moss Road and Race2:03.254+0.009
3Pro12Leh Keen311RS Motorsport2:03.367+0.122
4Pro53Riley Dickinson(J)Team Hardpoint EBM2:03.497+0.252
5Pro7Maxwell Root(J)Moorespeed-Wright Motorsports2:03.998+0.753
6Pro38Dylan Murry(J)BGB Motorsports2:04.073+0.828
7Pro58TJ FischerTopp Racing2:04.227+0.982
8Pro9Parker Thompson(J)JDX Racing2:04.228+0.983
9Pro27Sebastian Carazo(J)Kelly-Moss Road and Race2:04.385+1.14
10Pro14Erik JohanssonMRS GT Racing2:04.677+1.432
11Pro2Sean McAlister(J)JDX Racing2:04.872+1.627
12Pro-Am65Efrin CastroTeam Hardpoint EBM2:05.149+1.904
13Pro11Ryan Gates311RS Motorsport2:05.250+2.005
14Pro16Jeff KingsleyMRS GT Racing2:05.316+2.071
15Pro-Am99Alan MetniiFly/Kelly-Moss2:05.364+2.119
16Pro88Hutton McKennaWright Motorsports2:06.004+2.759
17PA99124Kurt HuntACI Motorsports2:06.129+2.884
18PA99155Matt HalcomeGoldcrest Motorsports2:06.144+2.899
19Pro-Am69Thomas CollingwoodBGB Motorsports2:06.246+3.001
20Pro-Am84Rene RobichaudKelly-Moss Road and Race2:06.306+3.061
21Pro-Am17Curt SwearinginACI Motorsports2:06.438+3.193
22Pro-Am54Tim PappasJDX Racing2:06.499+3.254
23Pro-Am57John GoetzWright Motorsports2:06.913+3.668
24Pro-Am10Vernon McClureTPC Racing2:07.032+3.787
25PA99129Jeffrey MajkrzakGoldcrest Motorsports2:07.335+4.09
26PA99172Phillip MartienGoldcrest Motorsports2:07.600+4.355
27PA99156Frank RasoTopp Racing2:07.707+4.462
28Pro-Am42Bill SmithTopp Racing2:07.945+4.7
29PA99121Grady WillinghamGoldcrest Motorsports2:08.035+4.79
30PA99197Craig ConwayIrish Mike’s Racing2:09.743+6.498
31PA99192Joseph LombardoKelly-Moss Road and Race2:09.836+6.591
32PA9918Joe StillGoldcrest Motorsports2:09.945+6.7
33PA99159Tom BalamesKelly-Moss Road and Race2:10.717+7.472
34PA99164Ted GiovanisACI MotorsportsNo Time
(J) Indicates Porsche North America Junior programme
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