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Reiersen and Gustafsson return to RallyX Nordic with EKS JC

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Credit: EKS JC

Swedish crosscar pair of Isak Reiersen and Alex Gustafsson have signed up for a full-season campaign in the RallyX Nordic, returning to their previous team under a new banner.

The new team name, EKS JC, which has been formed by a collaboration between Joel Christoffersson´s JC Raceteknik squad and Mattias Ekström´s EKS team, will be fielding both of the youngsters in the Crosscar and Crosscar Junior.

“I’m really excited for this season. The goal is of course to do my best and try to defend the championship gold. I know it will be a challenge with fierce competition, everyone wants to be the fastest and to win so it won’t be easy for anyone. It will be important that I stay calm and use my experience during the year,” Gustafsson said.

I have a good feeling before the first round in Denmark, where I won the RallyX Nordic title last year. I have longed to return there since the end of last year and actually have a countdown clock on my computer – there are only 19 days left now.”

“Competing for EKS JC and getting this opportunity from Joel and Mattias feels incredible. Joel and JC have believed in me for a long time, and Mattias I have looked up to him since I sat in the stands in Holjes as a child and watched him compete. Both JC and EKS are World Champions – so I know I’m in a good team. Thanks to the team for believing in me, my partners and everyone who supports me in different ways.”

The Torsby born Reiersen will be racing in the Crosscar class while Arvika´s Gustafsson will be racing in Crosscar Junior, they have both previously raced under the JC Raceteknik Juniorteam all the way since 2016 and for this year they are part of the EKS JC – with aim of bringing home the titles in the two classes.

“I have a really good feeling for this year. We have made changes across the board over the winter, which I believe gives us a strong starting position for the season. I’m more ready now than I’ve ever been before. I have done two seasons in RallyX Nordic before, so going into the third time I know how it all works. Last year was good – I led the championship before the final round but it didn’t go how we wanted in the end and I had to settle for the bronze. This year I’m out for revenge, it’s as simple as that.” Reiersen said.

Credit: RallyX Nordic

“Being a part of EKS JC feels fun. Being one of the gang and having a serious team behind you allows you to rise up another level. That both JC and EKS see potential in me feels great. Thank you to the team for the opportunity, all of our partners who are involved this year and also the Swedish National Team for a great collaboration over the winter.”

Gustafsson made history last season by becoming the first-ever champion in the all-new Crosscar Junior class, Reiersen had to settle for third overall in the Crosscar class after a long title fight all the way down to the wire at Nysum. The team are now set to return to Nysum once more for the 2021 season-opener on 1/2 May.

“We’re investing in our young drivers for another season and I’m really excited for this year. Isak comes with a new Crosscar and is hungry for revenge after last year. Alex meanwhile comes with a title in his back pocket, so it will of course feel different for him this year, with a different kind of pressure. But, our objectives are the same as usual, we want to be champions after the final round.” Christoffersson said.

We will conduct pre-season testing to be as prepared as possible for the first round in Denmark, because the goal is to fight for wins from the beginning and I think we have a good chance to do that. JC has been on a fantastic journey with both Alex and Isak since they were very young, and to see how they have developed – both as people and as drivers – is really fun. The entire EKS JC team looks forward to continuing our youth programme with them this year.”

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