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Leclerc and Bearman put Prema top on Day 1 of Jerez testing

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Arthur Leclerc and Oliver Bearman went quickest in FIA Formula 3 Championship testing at Circuito Jerez, on the first of two days in Spain before the Championship visits Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Imola for the first time.

The Prema Racing pair set the pace across a wet morning session and drying afternoon, with Bearman ending the day quickest with a 1:33.009, six tenths clear of Josep Maria Marti and Zane Maloney.

The times were seven seconds slower in the morning, with Leclerc setting a 1:40.202 ahead of Roman Stanek and Franco Colapinto.


The track remained wet for much of the morning, with Bahrain International Circuit‘s Race 1 winner Isack Hadjar ahead of the two most recent GB3 champions Zak O’Sullivan and Kaylen Frederick in the early stages.

Hadjar held the top spot until he retired from the session as the track began to dry, with MP Motorsport‘s Caio Collet overtaking him by moving into the 1:41s, before Leclerc ultimately ended the session fastest with a 1:40.202.

Roman Stanek’s best time of a 1:40.731 led the rest of the field home from second place, ahead of Colapinto, Gregoire Saucy, Bahrain Race 2 winner Victor Martins separated from his ART Grand Prix team-mate by three thousandths of a second.

Jak Crawford, Marti and William Alatalo ended the session sixth, seventh and eighth, ahead of Hadjar and Zane Maloney.


After the circuit had begun to dry, it began to rain again and the times regressed to a slower pace than the morning ended.

Leclerc began the afternoon as he ended the morning, with a 1:43.790 taking him above Collet and his former MP team-mate Martins.

The 28-strong field were able to use the slick tyres for the first time in the test as the session dried, eventually taking the times down to their lowest point on Tuesday, as Oliver Bearman ended the day with a 1:33.009, six tenths clear of Marti and Maloney.

Martins and Arthur Leclerc ended the day fourth and fifth, ahead of Juan Manuel Correa, Crawford, Oliver Rasmussen, Saucy and David Vidales.

FIA Formula 3 Testing – Circuito Jerez Day 1 AM

14Arthur LeclercMONPrema Racing1:40.202
22Roman StanekCZETrident1:40.731
329Franco ColapintoARGVan Amersfoort Racing1:40.763
48Gregoire SaucySUIART Grand Prix1:40.805
57Victor MartinsFRAART Grand Prix1:40.808
65Jak CrawfordUSAPrema Racing1:40.886
722Josep Maria MartiSPACampos Racing1:40.944
825William AlataloFINJenzer Motorsport1:41.119
918Isack HadjarFRAHitech Grand Prix1:41.158
103Zane MaloneyBARTrident1:41.260
1126Zak O’SullivanGBRCarlin1:41.373
121Oliver RasmussenDENTrident1:41.380
1323Ido CohenISRJenzer Motorsport1:41.505
1421Hunter YeanyUSACampos Racing1:41.652
154Oliver BearmanGBRPrema Racing1:41.729
1617Kaylen FrederickUSAHitech Grand Prix1:41.779
1710Caio ColletBRAMP Motorsport1:41.807
1820David VidalesSPACampos Racing1:41.841
1930Rafael VillagomezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:41.941
2031Reece UshijimaUSAVan Amersfoort Racing1:42.045
2116Francesco PizziITACharouz Racing System1:42.129
2212Kush MainiINDMP Motorsport1:42.490
239Juan Manuel CorreaUSAART Grand Prix1:42.597
2428Enzo TrulliITACarlin1:42.736
2524Federico MalvestitiITAJenzer Motorsport1:43.073
2615Ayrton SimmonsGBRCharouz Racing System1:43.322
2719Nazim AzmanMALHitech Grand Prix1:44.455
2814Laszlo TothHUNCharouz Racing System1:45.200

FIA Formula 3 Testing – Circuito Jerez Day 1 PM

16Oliver BearmanGBRPrema Racing1:33.009
222Josep Maria MartiSPACampos Racing1:33.666
33Zane MaloneyBARTrident1:33.736
47Victor MartinsFRAART Grand Prix1:33.751
54Arthur LeclercMONPrema Racing1:33.998
69Juan Manuel CorreaUSAART Grand Prix1:34.122
75Jak CrawfordUSAPrema Racing1:34.203
81Oliver RasmussenDENTrident1:34.494
98Gregoire SaucySUIART Grand Prix1:34.683
1020David VidalesSPACampos Racing1:34.901
1121Hunter YeanyUSACampos Racing1:34.913
1216Francesco PizziITACharouz Racing System1:35.212
1323Ido CohenISRJenzer Motorsport1:35.997
1415Ayrton SimmonsGBRCharouz Racing System1:37.379
1514Laszlo TothHUNCharouz Racing System1:39.526
162Roman StanekCZETrident1:39.776
1718Isack HadjarFRAHitech Grand Prix1:41.117
1825William AlataloFINJenzer Motorsport1:41.357
1912Kush MainiINDMP Motorsport1:41.563
2019Nazim AzmanMALHitech Grand Prix1:41.686
2124Federico MalvestitiITAJenzer Motorsport1:42.011
2229Franco ColapintoARGVan Amersfoort Racing1:42.020
2317Kaylen FrederickUSAHitech Grand Prix1:42.098
2431Reece UshijimaUSAVan Amersfoort Racing1:42.443
2526Zak O’SullivanGBRCarlin1:42.785
2610Caio ColletBRAMP Motorsport1:42.930
2728Enzo TrulliITACarlin1:43.911
2830Rafael VillagomezMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:57.953
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