2024 Dakar Rally: Jordi Juvanteny, KH-7 cruise to Mission 1000 win

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Credit: Aurélien Vialatte/ASO

As the push for alternative methods of propulsion like electric and hybrid power continues, the Amaury Sport Organisation wanted to put these vehicles to the test in one of the toughest races in the world without throwing them to the wolves right away. Thus, the 2024 Dakar Rally marked the début of Mission 1000, a separate class for bikes and cars operating on non-gas sources.

Ironically, the top performing Mission 1000 vehicle ended up being one that already challenged the Dakar Rally. KH-7 Ecovergy Team‘s MAN TGA 26.480 6×6, which raced the 2023 Dakar but was not classified in the main Truck category due to its hydrogen fuel cell, was easily the fan favourite of the nine Mission 1000 entries as it completed every stage and won both Fan Boost votes by convincing margins.

Piloted by Jordi Juvanteny, the truck—now boasting a hydrogen and hydrotreated vegetable oil mix—was the only vehicle to run the full distance on all eleven days of competition. It earned Sport Mode, which meant beating the reference time by ten percent, on five occasions. The Fan Boost votes, each awarding five points to the winner, were also lopsided as they had over 2,600 votes in the first compared to just 1,200 for runner-up Tacita, before notching over 1,400 in the second with nobody else breaking quadruple digits.

Jean-Michel Paulhe‘s hydrogen-based Can-Am Maverick finished second overall, while the Arctic Leopard electric bike of Su Wenmin was third. Another pair of electric bikes fielded by Tacita, who previously dabbled in the 2020 Dakar Rally, overcame Oscar Polli not starting the opening stage to have both reach the end.

“As the sun sets on our Dakar Future Mission 1000 adventure, our hearts are overflowing with emotions,” reads a statement from Tacita. “We poured not just work, energy, tears, and sweat into this project, but above all, a massive amount of passion for this challenge and the Dakar spirit. Taking part in the Dakar has been an all-time dream, and seeing it come to life this year, with Tacita, is nothing short of extraordinary. Every team member, rider, and electric motorbike enthusiast who joined us on this journey added their unique spark.
But it’s not just the end of a race, it’s the beginning of a legacy. Tacita Discanto is like a child: it has to grow, has to improve, and win hearts all over the world. Here’s to the thrill of Dakar, the power of electric dreams, and the unbreakable bond that fueled us through every challenge.”

Fran Pallas had a frightening accident sixty kilometres into Stage #11 when his Green Power Race electric bike broke in half while he was riding. The crash forced him to miss the final day, making him the race’s lone retirement. Had he reached the finish, he would have ranked at least sixth.

Mission 1000 overall results

FinishNumberLead CompetitorCo-Driver(s)TeamVehicleClassDistance CompletedDistance PointsBonus PointsTotal Points
11030Jordi JuvantenyJosé Luis Criado, Xavi RibasKH-7 Ecovergy TeamMAN TGA 26.480Truck922.35 km110 points70 points180
21021Jean-Michel PaulheGauthier GiIbertLes Tigres du DésertCan-Am Maverick X3 X RC HydrogenSSV908.98 km108 points55 points163
31003Su WenminArctic Leopard Factory RacingArctic Leopard E-XE 880Bike893.29 km104 points30 points134
41020Jamie CampbellBruno JacomyHySEHySE-X1SSV829.74 km95 points25 points120
51004Jack CaiArctic Leopard Factory RacingArctic Leopard E-XE 880Bike857.46 km99 points15 points114
61002Willy JobardArctic Leopard Factory RacingArctic Leopard E-XE 880Bike784.61 km89 points5 points94
71010Dick ZuurmondSimon KoetsierRainbow Truck TeamE•Lions Volkswagen Amarok H2Car795.79 km92 points0 points92
81000Sylvain EspinasseTacita Formula CorsaTacita DiscantoBike618.87 km71 points5 points76
91001Oscar PolliTacita Formula CorsaTacita DiscantoBike325.88 km37 points0 points37
DNF1005Fran PallasGreen Power RaceBAT Power RacingBike647.23 km69 points15 points100 points

Mission 1000 stage winners

StageCompetitor(s)Distance CompletedTop ModeDistance PointsBonus PointsTotal Points
Stage #1Sylvain Espinasse, Willy Jobard, Wenmin Su, Jack Cai, Fran Pallas, Dick Zuurmond, Jamie Campbell, Jean-Michel Paulhe, Jordi Juvanteny70.06 kmEco Mode10 points0 points10 points
Stage #2Willy Jobard, Wenmin Su, Jack Cai, Fran Pallas, Dick Zuurmond, Jamie Campbell, Jean-Michel Paulhe, Jordi Juvanteny105.73 kmEco Mode10 points0 points10 points
Stage #3Jordi Juvanteny108.59 kmSport Mode10 points10 points20 points
Stage #4Wenmin Su, Jamie Campell, Jordi Juvanteny76.58 kmEco Mode10 points0 points10 points
Stage #6Jean-Michel Paulhe51.83 kmEco Mode10 points10 points20 points
Stage #7Jordi Juvanteny112.57 kmSport Mode10 points15 points25 points
Stage #8Wenmin Su, Jamie Campbell, Jean-Michel Paulhe, Jordi Juvanteny77.6 kmSport Mode10 points10 points20 points
Stage #9Jean-Michel Paulhe, Jordi Juvanteny93.96 kmSport Mode10 points10 points20 points
Stage #10Jordi Juvanteny84.51 kmSport Mode10 points10 points20 points
Stage #11Wenmin Su, Jamie Campbell68.72 kmNormal Mode10 points5 points15 points
Stage #12Jordi Juvanteny45.03 kmSport Mode10 points15 points25 points
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