World Rally-Raid Championship

Akira Miura to race Toyota Hilux at Baja Greece, Dubai

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Credit: Toyo Tires

Akira Miura knows his way around in a Toyota Land Cruiser, but will now test his talents in a Toyota Hilux Overdrive as part of a two-race schedule in the FIA World Baja Cup for Overdrive Racing. He will make his début at the Baja Greece on 22–25 May, followed by running the Qatar International Baja on 31 October to 2 November.

The slate will mark his first foray into the premier Ultimate category after spending much of his career in the Stock class. Employed by Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body since 2005, he is a four-time winner of the Dakar Rally in Stock including the latest edition in January. He previously raced the Dakar as a navigator before becoming a driver from 2016 onwards.

Racing the Hilux does not impact his commitment to Toyota Auto Body. The effort was organised by team sponsor Toyo Tires, who named Miura an ambassador for their Open Country tyre line in 2023. Still, if Greece and Qatar go well, he could turn it into more opportunities in the future.

Overdrive Racing is one of the top Hilux teams in rally raid, finishing second in the 2023 World Rally-Raid Championship with Yazeed Al-Rajhi. Al-Rajhi also won the World Baja Cup’s season-opening Saudi Baja in February.

Miura is one of four Ultimate drivers entered for the inaugural Baja Greece alongside Al-Rajhi, Miroslav Zapletal, and Magdalena Zajac. He, Al-Rajhi, and Zajac are in Hiluxes whereas Zapletal races a Ford F-150 EVO.

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World Rally-Raid Championship

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