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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

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Now just the small matter of the race. Twenty car on the grid, and yours in the one that the other 19 want to get past.

They can't. The Force India gets away cleanly and leads the pack of snarling F1 cars into the bottleneck of La Source.

Further back Sutil gets caught up a tangle, the car being pushed sideways though the exit of the corner, with Fernando Alonso running over the front wing. An early pitstop for the German then for repairs.

Fisichella leads through Eau Rouge, the Radillion, then onto the enormous Kemmel straight. He's though the corner, but behind there is chaos, car after car hits the wall on the outside of the corner. A Renault, a McLaren, a Toro Rosso.

Where's Sutil? Is he involved?

No, he's still in the race, and the safety car means he can get a new front wing with the minimum of time lost.

But it's not good for Fisichella, he had a gap, but now, of course it's gone, and he's gone the magic KERS button equipped Ferrari of Raikkonen behind him.

Fisi does his best to try and jump away from the Finn on the restart and avoids the possibility of being passed into the hairpin. Up onto the straight again and there's nothing he can do. The KERS power and the slipstream make Raikkonen unstoppable. Fisi tries his best, and even tries to re-pass the Ferrari into the next corner but it doesn't work.

He slots into second place, keeping pace with the Ferrari, Sutil is quickly making his way through the slower cars after his forced pitstop, showing that Giancarlo's pace is not a one off. He briefly enters the points positions during the pitstop rotation but falls out when he to has to stop for new tyres and more fuel.

Up front there is a buzz, for laps on end Fisichella is faster than Raikkonen. Faster than a former world champion in a Ferrari with access to an 80 horsepower pick-me-up every lap. He just can't catch him.

The second stops are coming up. There is talk that Raikkonen might come in before Fisichella. No-one knows how much fuel anyone really has as the clocks that FOM time the stops with aren't working, so only the men with the stopwatches know, and they aren't telling anyone.

Could Fisi leapfrog Kimi with a quick lap?

The leading Ferrari comes down the pit lane. And so does the Force India, pitting together again, there will be no leapfrogging here.


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