Franck Montagny admits Renault F1 talks

Franck Montagny could be set for a return to Formula One for 2010 as a possible partner to Robert Kubica at the Renault team.

With the only confirmation from the Anglo/French team being that of number one driver Robert Kubica there has been much speculation around the second seat.

With management not being too happy with Romain Grosjean’s performances in the seat that he took over from Piquet Jnr, it is looking like the young driver will not have his race contract renewed.

Talking to Radio Canada, former Super Aguri driver Franck Montagny revealed that he had been in talks with Renault, “This is a real, we have discussed it a lot of times,” he said

“We will see how it goes at the end as it’s still very early.”

Montagny himself expressed surprise that he has had talks with Renault after admitting that he had concentrated on motor sport away from Formula One as he felt that was an avenue that was closed.

“I did not expect to find myself on the list. I’ve concentrated on my racing programme but not especially on Formula One because I’m not there any more.

“But surprises can happen.”