Raikkonen to Mercedes rumors in the night

According to reports from Brazilian media, Kimi Raikkonen has finalised a deal to race with the new Mercedes Grand Prix team for 2010.

With reports earlier today signalling Raikkonen’s exit after McLaren talks failed and the subsequent signing on champion Jenson Button, his manager Steve Robertson told press that McLaren was his only option.

“The options in F1 were with McLaren next season or not at all. Kimi and McLaren were unable to reach an agreement, so he will not drive at the F1 level – at least not next year.” Said Robertson

Although the source of the news has been proved correct a number of times this year, we will await to hear anything more official.

  • S412t2

    Kimi is no great talent, when he wants to win he can, but he rarely has the motivation. I have no respect for people who make it to the top of the sport and then act like it is no big deal (Juan Pablo Montoya anyone) if I was a member of Kimi’s crew, I would not go the extra mile for someone who is not greatful of his position. If you want a good example of how a driver should act, take a look at the 7 time World Champion. His team absolutely loved him, and he showed excitement and love for the team and the sport as a whole every chance he got. Thats probably why he won 7 titles. Racing is not an individual sport, and it usually is the least known team member that gives the driver a winning car.

  • Saana Räikkönen

    if you knew Kimi, you would know that he also gave 100% but in Finland we don’t need to talk and smile all the time.

  • Shahzaib

    I am gr8 fan of Kimi raikkonen . There is no question abt his motivation in my mind he always give 100%.

  • Lee

    Kimi Raikkonen no doubt is the best driver in Formula 1.

    In 2005, he could had clinched the WDC if not for the Mercedes engine problem! Eventough he had been penalised in Magny-Cours, he still manage to pull himself up to podium! Not to forget won the most races in that year!

    In 2007, he showed that he worth the WDC under Ferrari & Jean Todt management. And he fights so hard to win the title by 1 point!!! Jean Todt managed Kimi greatly and maximised his ability!!! Thank you Jean Todt & you are the best!!

    In 2008, all I can say is that Domenicali did not maximise Kimi’s ability & performance! Maybe he’s preferred to ‘cook spaghetti’ in his Ferrari’s garage! But we shall never forget the fastest laps Kimi did in that year alone!

    And everyone only remember on what Massa did in 2008!! Shall I ask, where is Massa when Kimi is fighting hard all these years? By the way, if Massa did not spun in Monaco by his poor wet driving, he could had clinched the title by 3 points!! Or maybe if Ferrari did not blow-up their engine in Budapest & Valencia.

    In 2009, he proved it again he was the greatest driver around even with a handicapped Ferrari F60. He managed to made it to the podiums multiple of times & even won in Spa, Belgium. By the way, Ferrari had made the biggest ever error to ditch Kimi & replaced him by Mr. Alonso!

    In 2010, Kimi will be back on the track with a winning Mercedes car! So if Kimi be in the Mercedes GP under Ross Brawn management. Im 100% positive that Ross Brawn will show us again the great Kimi once again!! And Kimi will beats all his opponent down. At that moment, Ferrari should reconsider if they should remains Kimi in the team & ditch Massa instead!!

    By the way, thank you Ferrari & Domenicali for setting Kimi free!! But so sorry to say, your Mr. Alonso & Mr. Massa aint doing any better in their Ferraris next year!!

  • Lee

    Could it be that Haug bought the Brawn GP just to hire Raikkonen in 2010 and beyond, since Kimi is leaving Ferrari after 2009? My points are:-

    At first, its seems that Kimi could sign for McLaren, but the agreements could never be reached.

    Secondly, McLaren is buying back shares from Mercedes. But why Mercedes agree to sell their McLaren shares?? Could it be, that the condition is McLaren never sign with Kimi Raikkonen in 2010???

    Thirdly, after Mercedes bought Brawn, but they never increase the 2009 WDC Jenson Button’s pay. And all of a sudden, he signed with McLaren for 3 years? Does it seems suspicious that Mercedes never intend to keep Button, because the seat’s ‘real’ owner is already known by both parties?

    Fourth, Kimi said, “No, I have not held talks with Brawn.” But he never says that he never talked with Haug or Mercedes!!!

    Plus, Haug wanna make these moves less speculative & aggreesive, he’ll hold the announcements that Kimi in Mercedes for 2010 and beyond till the very last moment.

    Now probably that Mercedes is working on a car that is built for Kimi’s driving style!

    Let’s wait & see! Cause Kimi+Haug+Brawn+Mercedes will be the strongest team ever!

  • “Thirdly, after Mercedes bought Brawn, but they never increase the 2009 WDC Jenson Button’s pay. And all of a sudden, he signed with McLaren for 3 years? Does it seems suspicious that Mercedes never intend to keep Button, because the seat’s ‘real’ owner is already known by both parties?”

    How do you know that Brawn/Mercedes never increased the pay? From what I’ve read Button had a much better offer with Brawn (double what he has signed) but when he went to the McLaren HQ he broke his contract terms by visiting another team and that’s why Brawn took the deal for more money off the table.

    As for Merc working on a car taht is built for Kimi’s driving style… the car would be pretty much built now, they start developmont on cars from early on in the season.

  • Lee

    Mercedes motorsport chairman Norbert Haug dream to win WDC with Kimi Raikonnen after two disappointing years backed in 2003 & 2005. Kimi failed to do so because of Mercedes engine inconsistencies during those two years.

    From these recent F1 history, I have reason to believe that Haug hold an
    important role on Kimi’s move, from leaving Ferrari to McLaren(unsuccesfully) and now to Mercedes GP.

    1) Sep of 30 : Kimi’s leaving Ferrari & Alonso signs with Ferrari for 3 years
    2) Oct of 18 : Button clinched the 2009 WDC
    3) Nov of 16 : Brawn GP becomes Mercedes GP
    4) Nov of 18 : Button sign a contract with McLaren for 3 years

    First of all, will there be a ‘push & pull’ factors on Kimi’s decision to break his contract with Ferrari next year?

    From the news I read, I can see that Kimi is commited for Ferrari in 2010! So why is he willingly to break the contract? This make me believe that the push factor, could be Spanish Bank Santander sponsors on Alonso to Ferrari plus other reasons of course. While the pull factor, it could be that Kimi received an offered from Norber Haug to McLaren at that time. Which seems to be a good opportunity to Kimi’s chance on fighting for WDC next year.

    Time goes by and news is heating-on between Kimi and McLaren. But again and again, they failed to reach to a agreement. But somehow, at that time another negotiation is under-going between Mercedes & Brawn GP.

    In Oct, finally Button had clinched his first WDC in Brazil. Brawn is really deligthed and since then announce that agreement between Brawn & Button is set to go. Button indicates that he’s hoping to stay with Brawn. But still, the agreement is under-negotiation for about a month.

    In Nov, Mercedes make the announcement of buying Brawn GP and rename the team to Mercedes GP. Somehow days later, a sudden move of Button jumping to McLaren is really suprising.

    Yesterday, Mercedes GP announced their first driver is Nico Rosberg as expected. But yet to reveil their next driver. And the speculation for the remaing Merc GP seat is hugely on Kimi Raikkonen and Nick Heidfeld after reports playing down on Michael Schumacher’s return in F1.

    Here is my opinions, will Mercedes GP make a gamble on involving in F1 without knowing their drivers in advanced? It’ll be silly if they never thought of it. But Im sure that they certainly make a big consideration on that matter. And it’ll be a safe bet!

    Who’s on the list that most worthy for remaing Merc GP seat? No one but Kimi Raikkonen, who had been racing for McLaren Mercedes between 2002 & 2006. In 2003 & 2005, Kimi could had clich the WDC and now making him a triple-WDC if not for the Mercedes engine inconsistency. Norbert Haug apologised to Kimi for the matter.So I believe that Norbert Haug wanted to win with Kimi for real in the future. But in 2007,Kimi signed for Scuderia Ferrari and fantastically won the 2007 WDC by single point.

    But after having two disappoiting year with Scuderia Ferrari in 2008 & 2009. In 2009, Kimi’s about to break with SF and Haug see his chance to had Kimi in his team again!!! So at first he offered Kimi to McLaren, considering Mercedes still negotiating on buying Brawn GP.

    And things is going well between Merc and Brawn GP. So all Brawn & McLaren contract with drivers is on a hold. Days passed, Brawn GP is now owned by Mercedes while McLaren bought back their shares from Mercedes.

    Suprisingly, Button signed with McLaren istead of Kimi. But why? Since ex-Brawn GP is now have a greater prospect under Mercedes. Even Ross Brawn himself is 99% sure that Button will remain with ex-Brawn GP. If we see clearly, who’ll be paying the drivers? Of course, is Mercedes!! And who’s Haug is keen on? For sure is Kimi. Even Ross Brawn cant do anything but to let his Button jumped to rival’s ship.

    From all these above, all the rumours on contract negotation failing between Kimi & McLaren; Button & Brawn GP had nothing to do with the money. Instead, is all about Haug’s dream on winning multiple WDCs with Kimi Raikkonen.

    Right now, Haug had burned bridges behind Kimi. So, lets wait and see for the announcemet of Kimi to Mercedes GP.

    Haug is really a master on using the medias to make a stunning Kimi’s move to Mercedes.

  • jamp

    he is the best driver in the f1

  • Raikkonen is not going to be in F1, and I can’t believe how his fans are crying their eyes out as if it were the end of the world. Actually I can’t believe he has fans full stop.

    I’d rather see Mika make a long awaited comeback and blitz everybody next year, even though I know it won’t happen ;)