Renault to follow Toyota out of F1?

by Vince Pettit

As the Formula One World digests the news of Toyota pulling out with immediate effect, rumours are gathering pace that Renault might follow them out, with an emergency board meeting called in Paris today (Wednesday).

The decision to be made is if Renault should run as a team or just switch to supplying engines.

With a publicity event taking place on Thursday with President Carlos Ghosn promoting the companies efforts to introduce zero-emission vehicles, an announcement isn’t expected for a few days.

Renault have suffered their worse season since 2001, finishing eighth out of ten teams and were surrounded by controversy earlier in the year after the Singapore crash-gate incident.

Second placed in the championship, Red Bull Racing run the same engines as the works team, so it comes as no surprise that there are talks about the French teams future in Formula One.

If Renault were to pull out of Formula One it would leave the highly rated Robert Kubica in limbo with no team for 2010.

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