Cold snap leads to Brands Hatch resurfacing

Motorsport Vision has carried out a major resurfacing project at Brands Hatch as a result of the recent cold weather combined with general wear and tear over the years.

The new tarmac covers over half of the Indy circuit with the aim of improving the quality of the track surface for competitors, trackday participants and driving experience guests.

With the cold winter leading to accelerated degradation in parts of the circuit MSV took the decision to award Buckingham Group Contracting the job of bringing the track back up to scratch.

The track has been resurfaced from mid-way down Cooper Straight, through McLaren, around Clearways and down the Brabham Straight to the centre of the pit complex1 using Prixmat surface material, well known for its high performance friction surface qualities.

Jonathan Palmer, Chief Executive of MotorSport Vision, said: “This resurfacing project represents a major investment in Brands Hatch. Even in these tough economic times MSV is committed to developing and improving our circuits, and the new surface will benefit all our track users. It will be interesting to see what effect the new surface has on lap times during the year.”

Brands Hatch maintenance staff have also carried out other circuit improvements including the addition of new kerbing at the exit of Druids, raising and re-levelling the area behind the kerb on the exit of Graham Hill Bend, and undertaking drainage works to manage surface water on the entry to Cooper Straight.