Rebellion Racing gear up for 2010 season

Le Mans Series team Rebellion Racing are getting ready for their 2010 season after completing their first Lola B10/60, with the second car due to be completed later this week.

“Having our two new cars ready to roll out of Lola's factory by the end of this week is a very positive achievement and a key milestone in our plan.” said team manager Bart Hayden.

“We started working early on with our major partners, Lola on the new aerodynamics and Engine Developments on the new Rebellion engine, to develop our package for 2010. This has given us the time to complete our development programme as scheduled. Moreover, it has allowed us to focus resources on some of the finer details that, when put together, will play a significant part in the performance of our cars. In fact, we now just need to make the drivers' seats in order to run the cars out on the track!”

Rebellion are due to head to Snetterton in early February for a full systems check before heading out to Europe with it’s four drivers Andrea Belicchi, Jean-Christophe Boullion, Neel Jani and Nicolas Prost.

Following on from these tests the team will then head to the Paul Ricard circuit in France for the official Le Mans Series test on 7-8 March.