Petrov Renault seat at risk?

If rumours are to be believed then Vitaly Petrov could be in danger of losing his Renault F1 seat for 2010.

According to reports Petrov’s father Alexander Petrovic has yet to secure a loan to pay Renault for the first installment of £13m.

Petrovic who used his property as security for the load told a Russian news website that he had still not received his money.

He added that if Renault haven’t received their payment by March they may replace the young Russian.

  • Gilles Jacques


    As a manager of Renault why would I want Renault’s name associate with rubbish?

    Keeping Petrov and tanking him early March could be a desaster for the 2010 season.



  • Sean

    i think Gilles has a nerve Petrov is a great driver he was unlucky in the 2009 GP2 series and could have won the championship, id much rather see young drivers coming in rather than old has beens like Michael Schumacher coming back and taking up seats

  • I think Petrov had some talent – but they definitely chose him for the money. Would be a shame to see him go.
    An update on this story is coming very shortly, stay tuned ;)

  • Sean

    @Sean – if they were quicker than MSC they would have benn chosen ;) … He is still one of the fastest guys on Open Wheel Planet ;)

  • Ben

    I agree with Sean,Better young drives ,then old pricks like Schumi.

  • Actually, considering the way F1 is going now, when Alonso inevitably takes a tantrum when he discovered Ferrari’s ‘baby’ Massa is getting preferential treatment, Badoer will make a proper comeback all the way to 2012.
    On this note, if Renault hire Villeneuve I think they might just pass Campos in the idiot stakes…