Peugeot 908 HDi FAP at a glance


Type Le Mans Prototype LMP 1
Structure Carbon Monocoque
Body Carbon fibre
Windscreen Polycarbonate


Gearbox Six-speed, longitudinally-mounted + reverse
Gearbox casing Cast aluminium
Gear shift Sequential, hydraulic
Clutch Cerametallic multi-plate clutch
Differential Limited slip differential
Lubrication Total


Suspension Double wishbones, pushrods and rocker arms all-round
Springs Torsion bars
Dampers Pressure dampers
Anti-roll bars Blade type front and rear
Steering Hydraulic power steering
Brakes Double hydraulic circuit, one-piece light alloy callipers
Discs Vented carbon discs all-round
Diameter: 380mm (front), 355mm (rear)
Brake bias adjustable by the driver


Rims Magnesium
Front wheels 13.5″ x 18″
Rear wheels 14.5″ x 18″
Tyres Michelin radials. Front: 33/68-18. Rear: 37/71-18


Length 4,610mm
Width 2,000mm
Height 1,030mm
Wheelbase 2,950mm
Front overhang 910mm
Rear overhang 750mm
Fuel tank capacity 81 litres
Weight 930 kilos minimum


Position Mid-rear, longitudinally-mounted, all aluminium
Cylinder casing Machined aluminium
Pistons Steel
Cylinders V12 (‘vee’ = 100°)
Capacity 5.5 litres, 4 valves by cylinder
Fuel injection Bosch, direct commonrail injection
Turbo Twin turbochargers, each with 37.8mm air restrictors
Particulate filters Two (Dow Automotive)
Engine management Bosch MS17
Maximum power 700hp
Maximum torque 1,200Nm