Early exit for JaguarRSR at Sebring

Jaguar’s return to the American Le Mans Series at the 12 hours of Sebring ended 15 minutes into the race after a cooling problem resurfaced leaving Paul Gentilozzi with the only option to retire the RSR run car.

“We ran the first few laps and saw the water temperature start to rise,” said Paul Gentilozzi, JaguarRSR Principle Partner and co-driver. “We brought the #75 JaguarRSR XKR GT into the pits at that point and did what we were able to do in the pit lane. We tried some things that we knew were possible causes of that issue. We then went back out and ran it a couple more laps. At that point the problem was still there so we decided to bring it back to the truck so that we could have the entire team work on it, because in pitlane you can only have four people working on the car.”

“Once the JaguarRSR crew was able to fully assess the problem, we determined that we were unable to fix it in a satisfactory manner here at the race track in the time allotted. Rather than risk damage to the car, we decided to end the race. It is a very long season; it is a very tough fight for everybody this year. We will head back to the race shop, do the best that we can to address the problem and begin Long Beach ready to fight.”

Gentilozzi added, “I can’t say enough of how good the JaguarRSR team was. The have worked hard, long hours, week after week, day after day. They put in the time to make this car a better racecar and I think the results showed on track this weekend with the improvement in our times. Never once was there a time where anyone looked like that had any quit in them. Every problem that we have been dealt, these guys have responded to with vigor and excitement about the program and the car. We are just going to keep moving forward, no one is ever going to give up.”

The team will return to the track over the weekend of 16/17 April as the American Le Mans Series heads to Long Beach for the shorter race, with only 1 hour 40 minutes alloted for the running time.