Renault on the rocks again?

Only months after being purchased  by Genii Capital, Renault is once again in trouble, TheCheckeredFlag has learned.

Details are scarce, but a senior figure within the team has said the team ‘may not last much longer’, possibly due to continuing financial issues.

Vitaly Petrov had helped bring Lada sponsorship to the team, whom Renault own a 25% stake in. The deal was announced by Vladimir Putin no less, with a whiff of PR stunt in the air, possibly an attempt to drum up interest from other prospective Russian investors.

Also at risk is Renault’s engine department in France, who also supply engines to front-runners Red Bull Racing.

Renault are still expected to race at the season opener at Bahrain next weekend, but beyond then it’s anyone’s guess what the future brings for the now estranged French squad.

  • Dan

    Hands up who trusts sources from a 12 year old?

    Not I said the pig!

  • “And while he may look young, that does not disqualify him from writing truthful stories. Especially if we consider that some previous scoops regarding Renault’s driver lineup have turned out to be true. In short: I am afraid that there is good reason to believe what he writes.” – well clearly that guy does.

    Stop living in the past Dan. Ageism was left behind in the 20th Century.

  • Dan

    I just sit on the portion of people that look and see younger kids getting their kicks from making the news and bragging about it as though that was sole intention. The manner in which you preached about it on your twitter smells to me like oh so many kids trying to gain attention as a little kick.

    Sure, you could very well be correct.

    But until then, I will not stand corrected, and it will smell to me like an attention grabber!

    Where are these sources? How are they? How did you find out? Scare details are worse than citing from Bild.

    I have word of Rosberg moving to Ferrari in the next three days, but details are scarce!

  • I’m just reporting news. If you choose to ignore it as made up bullshit that’s your choice, but making assumptions based on age alone is just plain wrong.

    Also, do you really think I’m going to go around shouting where I got this from? This guy’s job is on the line, if I told the whole world who he was his fate would be sealed prematurely.

    And I’m so sorry I offended you by pointing out for once that the little guy can get one over on the monstrous news corporations. I’ll remember next time to keep quiet, is that acceptable oh great one?

  • Dan

    ‘Ageism was left behind in the 20th Century.’

    So was Nazi Germany. But that still has relevance and associations today.

    I am probably not much older or younger than you. I do not work for any journalist agency, big or small. I am merely a member of the public that feeds off of news such as this, your target audience.

    But since we, the public at large, are what make or break people like you, journalists, I agree that we are the great ones. If we don’t bite, you don’t swim.

    Considering your intentions are to provide the latest scoops and draw us in being the first to have it, I am just speaking for a portion of the people who, like me, smell a bit of a Jimmy Hill on this one.

    As your target audience, I will give you some constructive criticism in that bragging on Twitter you made the news comes across as rather juvenile; adding only to the skepticism. That isn’t just an age thing, it was the manner in which it was done.

    ‘Look what I managed to do, look, google front page yeaah!’

    I am just giving you some rather valid feedback.

  • neil

    Thank for the news. But geez lighten up some of you, its either wrong or correct time will tell. Nothing up with a 12 year old writing news, atleast it productive, well written! and much better going out mugging someone ;-)

  • Sean

    hands up everyone who thinks dan is a pratt and should keep his opinions to himself?

  • Indeed time will tell. Not expecting this to be an overnight thing – it’s really win or bust by mid-season. Either they will collapse and bring the sport to its knees once again, or they will recover and nobody will even notice this brief blip. Either way, at this moment in time, they do have some problems.