Rudholm Gets Knutstorp Revenge

by Vince Pettit

Robin Rudholm took the perfect revenge in the second Porsche Carrera Cup Scandanavia race at Knutstorp as he secured victory in an eventful race.

With changeable weather conditions Rudholm took the decision to start the race on rain tyres despite many of the competition starting on slicks. ”This was one of the most eventful races I have ever driven! We chose the wrong tyres, but I was able to pass Larsson who stressed his tyres harder. It feels amazing to take a victory,” said Rudholm.

Cemoni Ohlsson secured second place but was left ruing what could of been. Despite being faster after choosing slicks for the start he was caught in traffic. ”I thought I was going to win, but I got a lapped driver ahead of me that just didn't move. But it was really nice to take my first podium ever in Carrera Cup,” said Ohlsson.

Earlier race winner Edward Sandström secured another podium finish after fighting his way up through the field. ”It feels amazing. I am really pleased and grateful that Poker gave me the chance to drive. The team has done an excellent work despite the fact that we were really late to it,” said Sandström.

Frederik Larrson would lose out following a wrong choice of tyres and after being passed by Rudholm, Ohlsson and Sandström, the hard charging Jan Brunstedt took advantage of his slick tyres passing Larsson in the closing stages.

Carrera Cup Scandinavia – Knutstorp – Race 2

1 Robin Rudholm
2 Cemoni Ohlsson +0.159
3 Edward Sandström +7.808
4 Jan Brunstedt +11.826
5 Fredrik Larsson +16.864
6 Lars-Bertil Rantzow +17.500
7 Mattias Stålknapp +20.153
8 Martin Öhlin +28.499
9 Patrik Skoog +30.093
10 Linus Ohlsson +39.510

Photo credit: Porsche Carrera Cup Scandanavia

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