As It Happened: Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race

Here’s a look at the TCF coverage of the Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race as it happened.

  • KEC

    Does anybody know why no 19 Marcos was in the pits for so long?

  • Dan

    Any news on the Team LNT Ginetta in Class 4?

  • JIM

    Why has the Evora stopped…. again? They all ok???

  • Hi.

    The 19 Marcos was in the pits after the driver reported two loud bangs – it was in the garage for a long time the team working on the back end of the car – had an ‘engine lift# (I you understand what I mean) on there for quite a while.

    The LNT Ginetta is running pretty flawlessly – Lawrence Tomlinson’s only complaint earlier was a tiny problem with a windscreen wiper they were getting ready to fix – it’s currently 10th overall, 10 laps ahead it’s class.

    The Evora has had not one, but two gearbox cataclycisms – they repaired the first one, but the second time Johnny Mowlem described the cluctch being stripped early on in his his stint.

  • Clarke

    does anybody know if Intersport racing BMW car no.39 is still running?

  • Dave

    Does anybody know what has happened to the Mardi Gras integra? It’s dropping back fast. Is it in the pits?

  • Number40

    Just been looking at TSL live timing – am I correct in thinking that the Saxon Honda (car 81) is now 2nd in class 4? (Car 83 381 laps, Car 81 363 laps, Car 91 353 laps?) Hourly reports seem to suggest otherwise so slightly confused? (Nothing new there then!!!)

  • Nope, had a big off in the night after avoiding a spinning car. Massive front end damage.

  • Alex Ings

    How did the Honda Jazz do?

  • Synchro

    The little Jazz finished 52nd, it was a massive struggle and a luck was not on Synchro’s side. The Jazz had THREE engine changes, but the team did a fantastic job and most importantly it finished. It’s laptimes were very respectable in the torrid wet conditions. The team used the race as a test session to gather more data in readiness for its next race, the Dubai 24hr in January.

  • The Jazz is going to Dubai?!?

    Three engine changes is an epic, epic effort. We (as is obvious when you look at the feed) basically adopted the Jazz over the weekend and followed it up the order after the early pitstops.

    It finished battered and bruised. Front wing held together with duct tape by the look of it and missing the rear wing. Would love to know how that happened.

  • Chris Gurton

    The Jazz was legendary! Unfortunately I heard it failed its MOT this morning. Something to do with vital bits missing.

  • Synchro

    The battering and bruising came from the Brunswick Aston Martin not knowing which corner he was approaching so decided to just stop on the track, The Jazz then persuaded him to move on !!!
    The rear wing was removed to improve straight line speed due to the strong headwind along hanger straight ;-)
    We’re real glad you took a liking to the Jazz and this is one of the reasons Synchro built the car. It shows a lot of potential and we are looking forward to a great season next year, you can follow our progress at As for the MOT it failed on a worn set of front tyres :-)