Stage set for the 2010 Roger Albert Clark Rally

The stages for the Roger Albert Clark Rally are in prime condition, and ready for competition when the rally gets underway on November 26th.

Colin Heppenstall, the Rally Manager, drove each of the stages to check the state of the surfaces after some had been re-graded after competition earlier in the year, and he is more than happy with how they have settled.

“The Scottish stages have all been re-graded and Kielder is lovely. I think the stages are as good as they have ever been for the Roger Albert Clark Rally”, said Heppenstall.

Heppenstall emphasised the quality of the stages for the event , saying “The stages for this year are in beautiful condition; really, really good”, which will be music to the ears of each and every crew on the record entry list, featuring entries from the UK, as well as internationally.