Porsche Unveil 2011 911 GT3 RSR

Porsche took the covers off the new version of the 911 GT3 RSR race car at their annual 'night of champions' held at the marque's Weissach R&D centre.

The 2011 version of what Porsche themselves call the “world's most successful race car” benefits from a new aerodynamic package, as well as changes to the suspension and engine. The powerplant remains at four-litre, six cylinder now delivers five more horsepower than the previous version, thanks to a new engine management systems, redesigned exhaust and modified sir intake housing.

However, the most apparent changes remain on the outside. A new front lip provides greater downforce to the wider front wheels – increasing by an inch compared to the 2010 model. The rear has also undergone a significant redesign. A new shaped rear wing sits on new mountings, which much of the rear bodywork has been redesigned to optimize airflow.

Customers can order the car at 410,000 Euros (plus VAT). The 2011 modifications are also available as a kit for 2010 cars.

The 2011 car features new front and rear bodywork