Porsche Launch ‘Get Race Fit’ Programme

Porsche are launching a 'Get Race Fit' fitness programme in January. The programme allows paying participants to see if they have what it takes to be a racing driver.

The sessions will teach the main principals of motorsport fitness and each session is enthused with professional advice from such experts as F1 star Mark Webber and MotoGP rider Bradley Smith.

Every 'Get Race Fit' session will teach techniques for motorsport specific strength and conditioning training. These include vision and reaction tests using state-of-the-art technology and also includes a full body analysis. There will also be a competitive element to each session, as the top performer in certain category’s will win a hot lap wit Mark Webber on the Porsche Experience Centre track.

The team of experts at the Porsche Human Performance Centre have been able to perfect the fitness programmes by using data obtained throughout 2010.

“The physical preparation required for competitive motorsport can provide a great foundation for general fitness. From the activities carried out at the centre we can demonstrate the physical division between motorsports stars and the average person.

Said Andy Blow, Director of the Porsche Human Performance Centre “For example, ex-Porsche Carrera Cup GB winner Barry Horne holds the joint world record on the Batak machine of 122 hits in one minute, doubling that of an average person; whilst Formula One star Mark Webber holds the highest grip strength of  67kgf, compared to just 45-50kgf for an average man. Using the principles that underpin this level of fitness we create wellness assessments and bespoke goal orientated programmes for athletes of every discipline wishing to beat their 'Personal Best'.”

Participants at the one-day session in January can take their programme further by joining the “Fit to Race” training weekend in March. Again, taking the principles of motorsport training, participants are tested to their limits in a 'boot camp' environment by the Porsche Human Performance Team. Although popular with motorsport participants, the course is open to anyone looking to keep fit, or seeking inspiration for a training routine.

Each half-day session is limited to 40 spaces and will cost £195 per person.