Vaulkhard Tests Ginetta G55 At Silverstone

With Harry Vaulkhard on the verge of securing his return to BTCC he’s been keeping busy and recently tested the brand new Ginetta G55 at Silverstone for one of his personal sponsors who will be running in the Ginetta Supercup this year.

“The car was great to drive, It was very forgiving.” Vaulkhard told

With the majority of his past driving experience in front-wheel-drive tin tops it was a challenge to switch to the rear-wheel-drive Ginetta.

“I’ve done very little rear wheel drive in racing machinery so it was a great experience to get behind the wheel of a GT car. It pretty much was as I expected if not a bit more forgiving than I thought it would be.”

“I have a TVR road car so I felt right at home surrounded by fibreglass!” added Vaulkhard.

Ginetta boss Lawrence Tomlinson was delighted at the success of the first full shakedown at Silverstone on Monday after more than 150 laps were made in the G55 with no issues.

“The G55 has completed testing now and we’re delighted with the progress it’s made, it looks fantastic and has surpassed the performance levels we were expecting. The first customer cars will be delivered in two weeks’ time and I can’t wait to see the first grid of cars in the Ginetta GT Supercup.”