Vibration Problem Holds Back Webb in Qualifying

by Louis Suddaby

Danny Webb lamented more reliability niggles with the Mahindra GP125 machine after a vibration issue hampered him in qualifying for the 125cc British Grand Prix.

The Kent rider had shown promising form in Friday practice, going second in the wet whilst also breaking into the top ten in the dry second session yesterday.

Webb couldn't repeat that on Saturday but will still line up a respectable 15th. The Briton later shed light on the problems he suffered with in qualifying.

“I was getting a lot of vibration: not from the engine but from the suspension. We tried a lot of things, but the problem persisted. I suspect it may have been a tyre issue, but we'll strip the suspension tonight to be extra sure. It's a shame, we could have been higher up, but the race is tomorrow so we'll concentrate on that now.”

Teammate Marcel Schrotter in 22nd place on the second Mahindra and rued the fact that he couldn't find a clear lap at the vital moment, struggling to keep his tyres in optimum condition as he jockeyed for position.

“Practice started well. I could stay with the group and I set my best time on only the fifth lap. I came in to try to find something to improve, and when I went out I lost too much time looking for a gap on track to do a fast lap in. At the end when I got into a group, my tyres were cold and I was sliding a lot. But the bike feels good and I feel good too.”

After their strong display in wet conditions on Friday, the Indian team will fancy their chances if rain falls on race day. The 125cc British Grand Prix is due to start at 2.30pm on Sunday.

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