Live: 2012 Britcar 24 Hours Part 1

This blog will be updated automatically during the first part of the 2012 Britcar 24 Hours.

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22:46We’ve moved over to Part 2 of our coverage. Unofficially powered by Haribo….. #Britcar24

22:30The #52 class leading Chevron pits for fuel and to make changes to the car after the black flag for excessive noise.

22:24Both cars have been flagged for noise.

22:22The #65 and #52 cars have been blacked flagged. The #52 Chevron is leading Class 3.

22:12… Or maybe not! The #79 exits the pits fairly swiftly. Could have been a penalty for the class leader.

22:11The Brunswick Auto #79 car pits from the lead in Class 4 after only 10 laps. They could be about to lose the lead…

22:09Tom Kimber-Smith is currently at the wheel of the leading #6 Team LNT car. He turns a 2.16.129 on his first flying lap.

22:05The #21 Strata Porsche has been taken to the sound test bay after repairs to their exhaust, but they are still over the 100Db limit.

22:03Mike Simpson brings the leading #6 Ginetta into the pits for fuel after a 29 laps stint.

22:02The #71 Povey Motorsport car is current undergoing repairs after suffering a broken Cluctch pedal.


21:53A new engine for the #35 Topcats Racing Marcos.

21:51The MB Racing Aston is in the pits after an 18 lap stint.

21:50The Synchro M/Sport Honda Jazz is in the garage. Reason unknown at this moment.

21:47Once again the issue is ‘excessive noise’. The #65 car will pit soon to amend this.

21:44Team manager for the #65 Intersport Racing BMW has been called to Race Control.

21:39The race leading #6 Ginetta is expected to pit very soon.

21:38The #17 Neil Garner M/Sport car fired up and ready to go after a drivershaft change. It took 18 minutes.

21:35We have just under 18 hours to go. Team LNT #6 Ginetta leads the field.

21:34The #62 Alfatune car is in the garage for some quick repairs.

21:33We have a change of leader! The Team LNT Ginetta takes the lead from the #17 Neil Garner M/sport Mosler. The #17 has led 108 laps of this race so far.

21:33The #76 Alyn James car has been blacked flag for ‘noise’. Team Manager has been summoned to the race stewards.

21:32The #17 Neil Garner Motorsport car pits from the lead.

21:14SC now back in. Reason as to why it was deployed is unknown. Back to racing speed.

21:12Car 59 Strata 21 993 Porsche now taking off exhaust to pack it to help to reduce the exhaust noise level.

21:10Several cars pitting under SC.

21:07Intersport Racing update – car now back up to 19th place. Running at 2min19 laps before SC.

21:06Still awaiting reason for Safety Car for being out on track.

21:05Cars can pit but only put in 25 litres of fuel.

21:04Safety Car now out on track.

21:03Intersport Racing earlier had diff replaced. Mark Radcliffe was drifting M3 whilst doing 2m22 laps with issue.

21:01Carvell Motorsport Jaguar and Strata 21 Porsche 993 have been black flagged for excessive noise.

20:59It is, indeed, a repeat of the cooling issues for the Topcats Racing Marcos – they are planning to change the engine

20:56The Team LNT Ginetta is back in, and they seem to have the headlights fixed.

20:53The Topcats Racing Marcos is in the pits – a repeat of the overheating problem?

20:39Standings after 5 hours & 128 laps: Class 1: Neil Garner M/Sport. Class 2: MP M/Sport. Class 3: Corum Sport. Class 4: Brunswick

20:30Taillight on the Mosler correction – rear right light is still working but is the one lower down on the rear bumper.

20:27Rear right light missing again for the Mosler.

20:25Possible sticking throttle on the Neil Garner Mosler. Cover back on with right rear tail light missing. Car exits pit lane.

20:21Neil Garner M/Sport Mosler in pitlane with engine cover off.

20:21Team LNT still in pitlane with lights issue.

20:20Topcats Marcos now loses Class lead to MP Motorsport. Doing one lap to check if OK.

20:18Water being put in cooling system of the Topcats Marcos before engine cover being put back on after 12 minutes.

20:16Class 2 leader Topcats Racing now in the pits with the bonnet up.

20:06Team LNT in the pits and changing fuses, still struggling with the headlights

19:55The Corum Sport Chevron pits from the Class Three lead, with a two lap lead over the Perfection Racing Aston GT4

19:46they were just adjusting the lights, which had been slightly dimmer than they should be. The car is back on track now, still in 2nd

19:45Off comes the bonnet, some orange clad mechanics looking at the front end

19:43Team LNT pit from second place

19:41The repair work continues in the Team Tiger garage to repair the car, but the advantage in class has swung to the Topcats car.

19:40Update on earlier accident – the Team Tiger Marcos went off after the Rogue (literally) Toyota rejoined right in front of it.

19:33Class 4 – Brunswick Automotive.

19:33Standing after 4 hours and 103 laps: Class 1 – Neil Garner Motorsport. Class 2 – Topcats Racing. Class 3 – Darron Anley. Class 4 – Brunswick Automotive.

19:27Team Tiger Marcos number 33 suffered with damage to rear and right front, as has just returned to the paddock.

19:26Team LNT now prepping for scheduled stop.

19:24Piranha/Fauldsport Ginetta now back out on the track.

19:23Piranha/Fauldsport Ginetta now back in the pits with the bonnet up.

19:22… on and the car is back out on track.

19:22Left door falls off Strata 21 Porsche 996 as the car is about to leave the pits. Car was towed back after running out of fuel. Door is back on.

19:16All cars now instructed to switch lights on for night racing as darkness falls here at Silverstone.

19:11Welch Motorsport team manager now asked to go to Race Control.

19:11Black Flag for Number 56 Welch Motorsport. Unsure of why Black Flag issued.

19:08Piranha/Fauldsport now leads Class 4.

19:06Roque Motorsport is now under investigation for driving standards.

19:05… Maggots and cut out coming in via access road.

19:05Team Tigers Marcos is now being recovered in after attempting to come back to the pits under its own power. Car went backwards coming into Maggots.

19:01Roque/Forza Motorsports has hit the wall around Maggots but seems to have got going again.

18:57Team LNTs Ginetta is now being driven by Richard Dean.

18:55MB Racing Aston Martin has a vibration on the front left side, with the splitter and undertray fouling the new left front tyre. Car is still in the pits.

18:53Neil Garner Motorsport’s Mosler now pits with Manuel Cintrano taking the wheel.

18:50The Mosler of Neil Garner Motorsport now has a four lap lead over Team LNT.

18:49Team LNT now exiting pit lane.

18:47Team LNT now in the pits.

18:36After 3 Hours 81 laps: Class 1 Neil Garner MSport – Class 2 Team Tiger – Class 3 Corum Sport – Class 4 Team Toyota GB

18:30Jamie Wall comes into the pits after losing a front wheel. No serious harm done and the car is back out.

18:25Bradley Ellis pits the Corum Sport Chevron from fourth overall and the Class Two lead

18:21You can follow their progress at They add it will live (hopefully) all race

18:20Team Toyota GB lead Class Four by about 20 seconds.

18:19Intersports problem was a diff, which they are replacing, Optimums issue is a broken driveshaft

18:08Both the Intersport BMW and Optimum Ginetta – threats for class wins have been pushed into their garages

18:00The Honda Jazz’s problem was a broken throttle pedal, Martin Byford managing to still drive the car to the class lead before cramp got the better of him

17:58That long stop has seen the Mosler’s lap to under a lap (1:45) over the MB Racing Aston

17:56The Strata 21 team have just added a new light to the rear of the Mosler replacing the one that was punched out during Javier Morcillos first stint.

17:55The Honda Jazz is still in the pits.

17:49And Lawrence Tomlinson pits with a very flat left rear tyre. New tyre on, Tom Kimber-Smith in and the car is exiting the pits.

17:48Reports of the Team LNT Ginetta going round with a puncture.

17:46Martin Byford brings the Honda Jazz in for its first pitstop from the Class 4 lead. All cars still running have now pitted.

17:44Having fought past the Class Two battle, Team LNT have made it back into third overall.

17:43Jamie Wall is flying in the MB Racing Aston Martin, three personal best laps in succession, but already three laps behind the lead Mosler

17:41Mission Motorsports earlier problem was a slow puncture on the front left tyre on the Nissan 370Z

17:39Martin Shorts Rollcentre Toyota is in the pits for the first time of the race, with the bonnet up on the GT86

17:38Team Tiger’s Marcos Mantis has taken second place overall from the MB Aston Martin, though the Aston is now back ahead

17:27and with that the Brunswick BMW makes its own pitstop, Synchro Motorsport taking the class lead but yet to stop.

17:25Brunswick Automotive have now taken the lead in Class Four after the Piranha/Fauldsport pitstop

17:23Mission Motorsport’s Nissan has a left-front puncture in exactly the wrong place, just having rounded Copse. Gary Dunning in the car.

17:23That stop of Team LNT was at least partly down to debris on the front of the Ginetta

17:21After their second stop Team LNT are down in sixth overall behind the top two and the best three Class Two runners

17:18Class 4 leader Piranha/Fauldsport now in pit lane for scheduled stop.

17:14Team LNT now 2 laps behind the leader due to debris and the Ginetta now exits pit lane and rejoins.

17:12Lawrence Tomlinson said that there was a problem at Brooklands and decided to pit. Wheel now being put back on.

17:11Team LNT now in the pit lane with bonnet now taken off of the Ginetta for an unscheduled stop. Left front wheel removed and being inspected.

17:08Team LNTs lead now down to 35.181 seconds ahead of Neil Garner Motorsport.

17:02Roque Motorsport now rejoins.

17:01Emily Fletcher now takes the wheel of Number 51 Optimum Ginetta G50 during the pit stop.

16:57Roque Motorsport now in pit lane.

16:56Neil Garner Motorsport now 47 seconds behind Team LNT as pit stop for the Mosler was 3.5 minutes.

16:51Team LNT now ahead of Neil Garner Motorsport after its first pit stop with Adam Sharp taking over from Morcillo. Both cars on lead lap.

16:49Right rear tail light missing on the Mosler.

16:48Neil Garner Motorsport Mosler now taking first pit stop on Lap 36.

16:40Neil Garner Motorsport now only vehicle on lead lap.

16:39Stop and Go penalty for Number 75 Red Camel Seat for incorrect pit stop duration.

16:35Team LNT now in the pits with Javier Morcillo taking the lead.

16:34Rob Carvell Jaguar now in the pits after left rear tyre delaminated causing ancilliary damage.

16:33Cor Euser Racing Lotus now rejoins the race after repairs completed.

16:31Standings after 1 hour. Class 1: Team LNT 26 laps. Class 2: Topcats. Class 3: Intersport. Class 4: Pirahna/Fauldsport.

16:29Cor Euser Racing Lotus is still in the pits having only completed 6 laps. Repairs still ongoing.

16:27… but Clarke retakes Class 3 lead on the inside line for Maggots.

16:26Class 3 now lead by Darron Anley ahead of Intersport.

16:25Team LNT leads overall with  a lead of 4.191 seconds

16:24Intersport and Darron Anley battling for Class 3 lead.  Gap is 0.252 seconds.

16:22Mike Brown Aston Martin about to be lapped leaving the top two on lead lap.

16:20Darron Anley and Kevin Clarke battling for Class 3 into Copse. Anley takes the position but Clarke repasses before Maggots.

16:17Intersport Racing leading Class 2 by 2.541 seconds.

16:16Team LNT ahead by 1.604 seconds.

16:14Ryan McLeods Holden Astra blew a turbo hose. Car is repaired and back on track.

16:11Team LNT now has a lead of 3.487 seconds.

16:11Team LNT now fighting for the lead ahead by just 0.365 seconds.

16:07Team LNT now leads by 1.387 seconds as leaders hit traffic.

16:06You can watch moving pictures of the #Britcar24 at

16:06Team LNT’s lead now at 0.521 seconds.

16:03Team LNT’s lead now down to 1.444 seconds after 32 minutes of racing and 16 laps.

15:58Team LNT lead now down to 2.1 seconds.

15:58MacG Racing Ultima stopped on track we believe.

15:57Cor Euser Racing Lotus issue  is a broken suspension ball joint going into Maggots.

15:54Close battles in Class 2 and 3, with Class leaders split by just a second in each.

15:52Javier Morcillo has cut Mike Simpson’s lead to under three seconds

15:48Intersport Racing now leads Class 3.

15:48Ryan McLeod Astra in the pits. Pirahna/Fauldsport leads Class 4 in Ginetta G40.

15:47Cor Euser Lotus coming in very slowly down pitlane with puncture

15:40Topcats Racing now leads Class 2 and Cor Euser Racing now leads Class 3.

15:34Team LNT leading overall, Team Tiger leading Class 2, Intersport leading Class 3 and Ryan McLeod Astra leads Class 4.

15:31…And we’re racing – Mike Simpson leads into Copse!

15:26Cars are underway on their formation lap, next time by we’ll be racing!!

15:20Engines started!!!

15:18And we are treated to the dulcet Mackem tones of John Hindhaugh – this is a proper 24 Hour race now!!

15:14An immaculately observed moment of silence for former Synchro Motorsport driver Dave Allen prefixes the final preparations for the start of the race.

14:57Half and hour until the start, the public are being syphoned from the track and the Ultima is being pushed down the pitlane.

14:45They have a starter motor issue, but the car (now fixed) will take the start of the race.

14:45Despite all the problems during the qualifying and warm-up only one car is missing from the grid – the GT Classics Porsche 993

14:36Contrary to earlier tweets (and to the otherwise superb spotter guide) Martin Short’s Rollcentre entry is a Toyota GT86

14:34Atmosphere is building – the cars are out on the grid with the fans on the grid and a brass band is marching up and down outside the pits.

14:34We are an hour away from the start of the 2012 Britcar 24 Hours!