Jeannette Unhurt After DeltaWing Crash In Petit Le Mans Practice

Gunnar Jeannette walked away from the severely damaged Nissan DeltaWing following a crash in practice for Petit Le Mans.

Jeannette, who is due to share the car with Lucas Ordonez at this weekend’s race at Road Atlanta, followed a GTC class Porsche through the final sequence of corners on the 2.54mile track, pulling alongside the car on the exit of the chicane at turns 10a and 10b.

“I had a run on him out of 10b before the bridge,” said Jeannette shortly after the incident. “I’d pulled almost completely past but he moved over, probably to try and take the apex not seeing me and made heavy contact with the left rear of our car and sent me for a bit of a ride. I always dreamed of being a test pilot, but not in a race car. Luckily the guys build a very strong car and I think while the damage looks to be wuite bad in photographs the car took the impact quite well.”

“We have all of the spare parts to fix it and we have an excellent crew who are already going to work.”

Pictures of the car revealed the large rear fin on the car had been broken off the car, evidence that Jeannette had rolled the car in the midst of the accident.

Before the crash the team had recorded the sixth best time of the day – a 1:13.686 – just four tenths off the best time of the LMP2 cars whose performance the Deltawing’s creators intend their car to match.

The DeltaWing should return to the track during Thursday’s practice sessions.