Lord Drayson Defends EV Industry In Response To Recent Report

A recent report highlighted by the BBC news website claimed that Electric cars ‘pose environmental threat’[1]. theCheckeredFlag.co.uk has been talking to Lord Drayson about this report and the reaction to the claims made in the report.

The study from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology claims that over the lifetime of an electric car including production and end-of-life  dismantling that greenhouse gas emissions rose dramatically if coal was used to produce the electricity along with claims that factories where the cars are produced emitted more toxic waste that conventional car factories.

“The BBC Report refers to a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, which has since been revealed by Robert Llewellyn[2] and others to be seriously flawed in its analysis” says Lord Drayson who’s Drayson Racing Technology company is currently researching and developing their own EV technology.

“They have also highlighted the University’s partnership with Statoil and its wide-ranging interests in the oil and gas industry. Such relationships are well-documented however they place the conclusions of the report in its proper context”

The report at a glance showed a very detrimental view of EV production and running, but some of the information in the report wasn’t entirely accurate.

“As Robert points out, when they calculated the materials that went into making electric motors for cars, they used a static electric motor, such as those used to drive a large milling machine or industrial lathe, instead of a small, compact motor that would be found in a modern electric car such as the Nissan Leaf.  

“This completely skewed the results. It is true that electric cars use a little bit more copper than conventional vehicles, but nowhere near the amount reported.  They were similarly inaccurate about the mass of the inverter. These factors, and others, undermine completely the scientific basis and hence credibility of this report.” 

Drayson continued to explain the importance of future reports on the EV industry. “It is important that the environmental impact of electric vehicles is measured accurately and fairly and there have already been a number of reports on this important area.

“It is vital that such reports represent factual information and add genuine value and insight as we strive to take the EV industry forward. The good news is that our understanding of man’s impact on climate change is improving all the time and is helping to drive new levels of innovation in both energy and automotive technologies.”

The Drayson Racing team is currently working on it’s B12/69EV and set the record for the fastest time for an electric vehicle on the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb this year.

“For us, a key aim of the Drayson Racing team is to work with partners to push the boundaries of EV technology. We firmly believe that the insights we gain through our work to deliver best-in-class drivetrain technologies will help to fast-track advances in areas such as charging and batteries that will significantly change the way vehicles are designed and perform in the future, creating genuinely sustainable transport solutions that no longer rely on fossil fuels.”

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