MTECH Lose Out On Title Due To Late Race Contact

A moment of ill judgement from title rival Oliver Bryant arguable cost MTECH drivers Matt Griffin and Duncan Cameron the 2012 Avon Tyres British GT Championship title.

The Ferrari driving pairing led the championship by just half a point over Bryant’s Ecurie Ecosse teammate Alasdair McCaig and as the two hour season finale at Donington Park ticked away were on course to clinch the title by virtue of Griffin running ahead of Bryant.

However, while fighting over sixth place Bryant outbraked himself for Goddards – the final corner on the Donington Park GP circuit – a tipped Griffin into a spin down the order, the contact also damaging the rear diffuser on the #21 458 Italia. Though Bryant was forced to serve a one minute penalty, removing McCaig from the championship equation, from tenth on track there was nothing Griffin to do to avoid losing the championship to Motorbase Porsches drivers Michael Caine and Daniele Perfetti, who ended the race fourth, ahead of where the flashpoint had occurred.

“ Everything was going well,” said a furious Griffin shortly after the end of the race. “I knew I was where I needed to be to win the championship and I was quick enough to at least stay there and keep the BMW behind me. Unfortunately the stupidity of one driver has cost us very dear. He literally ran me off the track and people have told me that if he hadnʼt hit me, that heʼd never have made it around the corner. I hope that he learns from his mistake. I certainly I donʼt like racing with people who do what he did.”

Griffin’s co-driver, who had watched the drama unfold from the pits having completed his stint, handing the car over to Griffin in seventh place at the start of the pit window 50 minutes into the race, was calmer, but no less disappointed at the championship escaping them on the final weekend for the second season running.

“I am very disappointed particularly after we had recovered from a bad start to put ourselves firmly in contention. Following the compulsory pit stop everything was looking so good and Matt had everything under control. It really is a poor way to finish the British season.”

“I do want though to congratulate Motorbase and their drivers on winning the title,” added team owner Mike Edmonds. “Without taking anything away from the success they canʼt have been expecting to win so itʼll be very nice for them. We are of course feeling low but, weʼll survive somehow and Iʼm determined that we will bounce back stronger for the experience.”