Circuit Of Wales Appoint Construction Partners

The construction of the ground-breaking Circuit of Wales development near Ebbw Vale has taken a step forward as the Heads of the Valleys Development Company has named the construction team that will create the new circuit.

World-renowned FCC Construcción will build the £250m circuit in a joint venture with local construction firm Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd of Abergavenny, a ‘perfect complement of international expertise and local knowledge’ according to Michael Carrick, chief executive of the Heads of the Valleys Development Company.

Rafael Foulquie, UK Managing Director for FCC  Construcción, who have previously worked on the Circuit of Jerez in Spain, states: “This project signifies a remarkable milestone within the company’s international development, and reinforces our vision of the UK as our main target. It’s a great opportunity for FCC to get established in Wales, promote local employment and work closely with local communities.”

“As a local Welsh company, it is a huge honour for Griffiths to be involved in the delivery of the Circuit of Wales,” added Alun Griffiths Ltd Executive Director Martyn Evans. “This is the sort of project that will change lives in Blaenau Gwent, as well as people’s perception of the area. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

The new Circuit of Wales racetrack will be approximately 3.5 miles long and will be built to FIA and FIM standards, in the hope of enticing top level national and international motorsport to Wales.

  • darrel

    while i agree that it is a fairly good looking track and it has modern facilities and it may even be good for the local economy, my question must be WHY? I am quite certain that the Ebbw Vale could do without it.

    There are MANY great tracks in the Uk most of which are used on a regular basis, by many different formulas, as for the trying to wrest the F1 away from it’s HISTORICAL home, the place where it all began and indeed just last year signed a huge deal to run the race for the foreseeable future, what makes them think, (and this is no slight against Wales), what makes them think the Welsh GP sounds glamorous? when there are so many other locations in the world fighting desperately to get a GP.

    As a GP/F1 track, I dont think its gonna happen do you?

  • torqueischeap

    Whose interested whether or not it sounds ‘glamorous’; if its more viable to hold at this proposed track then why not? Silverstone can’t rest on its laurels, its survival of the fittest. I will say that the accomodation in the immediate vicinity of Ebbw Vale is somewhat lacking though!