Kelly Racing Confirm Murphy And Reindler To Leave

by Andy Champness

Kelly Racing has confirmed that drivers Greg Murphy and Karl Reindler will leave the team at the end of the season.

In a statement, Owner Rick Kelly paid tribute to the outgoing drivers and announced the soon-to-be Nissan Motorsport team will introduce two new drivers for next year as the factory team prepares to field four Nissan Altimas in 2013.

“Rather than wait until after Homebush to make this announcement the Team wanted to be completely open about the forthcoming change and ensure both drivers have a fitting farewell as they have been outstanding and valued members of our Team,” he said.

“In the past three months the Team were required to complete a comprehensive review of all the driver scenarios for 2013. All scenarios included the strong consideration of retaining Greg and Karl however for various reasons we were unable to hold them for 2013.”

Murphy joined the team in 2011 when the team expanded to four cars, racing for Pepsi Max Crew. He currently sits 28th in the drivers championship after missing several races due to a re-occurring back injury.

“Greg Murphy’s two year program has been a great boost to the credentials of our young Team and his willingness to sign with us at the end of 2010 was important in our Pepsi Max Sponsorship,” Kelly continued.

“Murph is a real pro who constantly pushes the Team to lift the bar and his experience has been invaluable in the development of many of our Technical staff in the past two seasons.

“His back issues and missing four races threw the momentum of the Pepsi Max Crew earlier in the season, and as a team since Murph’s return we haven’t been able to deliver a strong enough package to allow him the opportunity to compete at the front of the field which we all know he is capable of.”

Rick went on to say it is also unfortunate Karl Reindler could not be weaved into the 2013 Nissan Factory Team next year. The Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing driver joined at the start of 2012 after two seasons with Brad Jones Racing and currently lies 25th in the overall championship standings, after a disappointing first season.

“Karl has been a great fit with everyone in the Team this year,” said Kelly.

“He has a great attitude, is a true Team player, keeps himself extremely fit and also has a good feel for the business and marketing side of the Sport.

“Karl is coming up to his fourth year in the main game in V8s in 2013 and will be knocking hard on the door as an emerging young talent in the main game V8 Series and I am sure will be in demand for the 2013 season.”

The Team will announce replacements at a later date, but it is widely tipped that Team Norton DJR’s James Moffat and Fujitsu Racing GRM’s Michael Caruso will join the team alongside Rick and Todd Kelly who will remain in the two Jack Daniel’s Racing entries.

Murphy and Reindler will compete in their last event for the team at the Sydney Telstra 500 in two weeks time.

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