Laura Tillett Blog: Happy New Year!

by Team TCF
Laura at the F1 wheel, but still searching for 2013 drive in cars

Hey everybody…

Happy New Year! We’ve just had the Autosport Show at Birmingham NEC and during that weekend I was working on the Caterham stand. It was great to be able to release the Caterham karting series and see the response.

It was also great to be able to work on such a stand with an F1 car, which I had the privilege to sit in.

We had so many positive comments regarding the karting series and I can’t wait to get out testing the kart next month.

First of all though, I’m off to Australia and I can’t wait! I’m heading out there this week to race in the national Rotax Championship in Melbourne. I’ll be there for two weeks so hopefully I’ll be adjusted to the hot weather before the race comes along. I am lucky enough to be competing in the series thanks to IKD Australia who are sponsoring me.

I have never competed in Australia before and I am expecting a big, competitive grid of drivers. I’ve never raced any of the drivers out there before, it should be interesting and I really am looking forward to fighting for the Brits!

I’ll be keeping regular updates on my Twitter account (dependant on the Wi-Fi connection!) so keep tuned to see what happens.

I am still looking for a drive this year in cars, I would love to compete in the NEC Formula Renault series but we’re still looking for the budget. As for most drivers, it is proving to be a difficult task!

Anyone interested in helping to support me, please contact me on the details below…


[email protected]


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