Michelin Named As Spec Tyres For 2013 ELMS Classes

Both the LMPC and GTC classes will use Michelin tyres this year (Photo Credit: DPPI)

Michelin will be the official tyre supplier for the LMPC and GTC classes in the 2013 European Le Mans Series.

LMPC will use the Michelin S9H tyre which is within specifications and has successfully been used in previous seasons, showing a large working window, high performance and durability.

GTC will be limited to just three sets of slick tyres for each race weekend, with each set labelled A – for first free practice, B – for second free practice, or C – for qualifying. The used sets may then be used during the race.

“We are pleased to welcome Michelin as the official tyre supplier for the LMPC and GTC categories.” said CEO of Le Mans Endurance Management Gerard Neveu. “The company has a long and fruitful relationship with the ACO and is a leader in every category of endurance racing around the world. The use of control tyres in these categories will help reduce the costs to the teams while maintaining a good balance of performance on the track for all the competitors.”

“We are delighted to have been chosen as a partner of the European Le Mans Series to supply tyres to competitors in its LM PC and GTC classes.” added manager of Michelin’s four-wheel motorsport programmes, Serge Grisin.It provides us with a chance to showcase the benefits of the Michelin Total Performance plan not only to those involved in the championship but also to fans of endurance racing. The Michelin Total Performance plan uses unique technologies to develop tyres which deliver high performance on every front, even in those areas frequently believed to be irreconcilable.”

The 29-car strong European Le Mans Series will start at Silverstone on the 13th of April.