DeltaWing Development Continues With Fifteenth Place On Grid

DeltaWing Racing Cars continued their on-track development today as Olivier Pla took the unique car to fifteenth on the grid, just behind the LMPC top three.

“That was all we could do today in qualifying,” said Pla. “I improved my time by 1.8 seconds to free practice. I have to say a big thanks to the team because one month ago there was nothing. It’s all been built in a minimal amount of time. Now, we have to look forward to the race tomorrow.”

The team continue their development of the car after recently switching engine and tyre manufacturers and have been in action in all of the pre-race tests at Sebring.

“We have to take this race like a test session,” said Pla. “We have to work on the car, understand the car, and now we’ll take the race step-by-step. We have to stay out of trouble and keep going as much as we can.”

During testing the DeltaWing has completed more than 100 laps of running and made improvements of over seven seconds since Monday testing. The Race tomorrow marks the LMP1 class debut for the car.