Sergio Perez And Ron Dennis To Discuss McLaren P1 At Geneva

McLaren's new F1 driver with their new supercar (Photo Credit: McLaren Automotive)

McLaren Mercedes driver Sergio Perez and McLaren Group Executive Chairman Ron Dennis will discuss and give further details of the highly anticipated McLaren P1 at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.

The P1, which will make its debut at Geneva, will be capable of 0-62mph within three seconds and reach up to 218mph. The car will also be able to travel from 0-186mph in 17 seconds, and will have a on-the-road price of £866,000.

The power will come from a mid-engine 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine alongside an electric motor for a combined output of 903bhp. The electric motor will be capable of powering the car purely on electricity for up to 12 miles.

Only 375 P1s, made with all carbon-fibre chassis, will be produced after potential owners were keen for exclusivity.

BBC Sport’s Formula 1 presenter, Lee McKenzie, will join Perez and Dennis at the launch, taking place on Tuesday March 5th.