Live: Avon Tyres British GT Oulton Park – Race Two

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Photo Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated throughout the second Avon Tyres British GT Championship race of the Oulton Park weekend.

16:07Zoe Wenham holds onto to add a second GT4 win Century Motorsport’s weekend, just three tenth between her and Rick Parfitt Jr at the line

16:06Ashburn holds on. Just. Mark Patterson second for United Autosports and Ecurie Ecosse third with Marco Attard at the wheel

16:05Last lap and Jay Palmer runs wide and drops from third to fifth with Marco Attard now third

16:02We go racing wiht two minutes left. Shoot out time!

15:59Colin White’s Ginetta is still on fire. Think we’ll be finishing under a safety car now

15:55ten minutes to go. The Ginetta is still on fire. Ashburn leads Patterson and Jay Palmer for the podium spots

15:53It’s all gone off. Howard and Jon Mishaw make contact fighting over position and Colin White has bailed out of a seriously on fire Ginetta G55

15:49Benji Hetherington comes into the pits from way down the order. Looks like a retirement

15:48Andrew Howard spins out of second, following Jay Palmer down the order to fifth, just ahead of Ecurie Ecosse’s Marco Attard

15:46Alex Osborne in the GT4 lead is smoking furiously

15:45But Palmer spins as he tries to find a way past, tumbling down the order to fifth

15:44Palmer in the Vita4One Team Italy ferrari is harrassing Ashburn for the lead. They are nearly three seconds clear of Andrew Howard.

15:42Ashburn leads Palmer, Andrew Howard, Mark Patterson andLester as they all start their first flying laps

15:41Hector Lester looked like he was only out 4th in the Allan Simonsen Ferrari

15:40Big shuffle out of the pits – David Ashburn leaves first in the Tandy started Porsche, Jay Palmer out second.

15:39And here comes everybody else! Simonsen and Tandy come into the pits nose to tail

15:38Both Ecurie Ecosse cars and the United Autosports Audi both in the pits

15:37Westbrook has caught Adam in the fight for third – their respective co-drivers were the ones in contact on lap one of the first race

15:36My error, MAy was second – Declan Jones (the actual GT4 leader) is in the pits now to hand over to Zoe Wenham

15:35James May pits from the GT4 lead – Alex Osborne (normally the faster of the two) climbs in

15:31Ryan Ratcliffe pits in the Optimum GT4 Ginetta. Michael Caine and Olly Hancock also in early

15:30JRM Nissan solo driver Mark Cole in the first man into the pits

15:29Most teams will be running longer first stints to keep their pro drivers in the car for as long as possible

15:28It doesn’t appear to be affecting Sharp. who continues on for another lap. Just 60 seconds from the opening of the pit window

15:27Tom Sharp in the IDL-CWS Ginetta G55 appears to have some paper stuck to the windscreen.

15:23John Gaw’s also in the pits – both smoking cars looking like early retirements

15:23Matt Griffin pits from fourth place, Richard Westbrook takes the place

15:21John Gaw also smoking in the eighth placed PGR-Kinfaun Aston Martin

15:20Some suggestion that fourth placed Matt Griffin’s MTECH Ferrari might be smoking

15:18Simonsen still leads, with half a second over Tandy, though Tandy has been baulked by James May in the APO Sport Ginetta

15:14James May has got by Ryan Ratcliffe for second in GT4

15:12Adam is falling away a little in third place, two seconds off the duel for the lead

15:08Simonsen leads by 8 tenths, it’s about the same gap back to Adam in third at the end of lap two

15:06End of lap one: Allan Simonsen leads Tandy, Adam, Griffin and Westbrook. Declan Jones leads GT4 from pole

15:05Green flag and they’re all around turn one safely this time, thankfully

15:03The Aston is at the far end of the pitlane with a crowd of people around it. Rest of the field is on their green flag lap

15:02There are a few more bare carbon fibre parts on cars that finished race one with damage, and we’re short an LNT Ginetta G55 and the GT4 Aston

15:00Engines are fired for the second race of the day at Oulton Park – Allan Simonsen sits on pole alongside Nick Tandy