Live: Avon Tyres British GT Championship – Rockingham

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Photo Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated during the two hour Avon Tyres British GT Championship race at Rockingham.

15:09That brings to a close our live coverage of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship race from Rockingham

15:09Steve Chaplin will take the GT4 win after a dominant second half of the race by the Complete Racing driver

15:07Richard Westbrook wins, with Warren Hughes 2nd for M-Sport and Jonny Adam and Beechdean Motorsport third

15:06Caine gets by Rattenbury at Kirby on their penultimate lap

15:05Richard Westbrook goes through to start his final lap with 17 second lead

15:01Jonny Adam is keeping Matt Bell at bay in the fight for third – under 5 mins left

14:57ten minutes to go – looks all over at the front but Jake Rattenbury takes 7th from Gregoire Demoustier

14:51Michale Caine pits from 5th place with new rear tyres coming out for the #1

14:5115 minutes to go – Richaard Westbrook leading by 20 seconds from Warren Hughes, Jonny Adam and Matt Bell. Steve Chaplin – despite spin – leads GT4

14:45The #33 Porsche has pulled off track after several laps of slow running

14:45Chaplin has looped the GT4 Aston from the lead at Deene – he still leads though such was his lead

14:43Bell takes fourth from the Porsche as the problem bites again out of Deene

14:4219 seconds the lead now – all is not well with the Keen/Minshaw Porsche as he slows down and Hughes and Adam get by

14:40Abra pits at the end of the lap – after running in sixth

14:39Rcihard Abra has run off to the speedway turn two – that’s the sidest anyone’s been at Deene!!

14:37Westbrook now 13 seconds clear in the lead – just under a half hour to go

14:35Matt Bell takes 5th after Richard Abra runs wide at Deene

14:34In GTE Chaplin has about three-quarters of the lap over 2nd placed Declan Jones

14:32Michael Caine takes 7th from Benji Hetherington

14:31Up front westbrook leads by 9.1 seconds over the Keen/Minshaw #33 – Warren Hughes and Jonny Adam 3rd and 4th

14:28Post penalty Dryburgh has gone down to 14th

14:27Nick Tandy pits the #31 Porsche and is out of the car – a retirement for the points leaders at the start of the day

14:25Warren Hughes’ #10 one of two cars under investigation for refuelling infringements

14:24Alex Osborne has stopped the #69 GT4 Ginetta before Brook

14:23Dryburgh comes in to serve the penalty

14:21Hughes takes third on track from Phil Dryburgh – his problems compounded by a ten second penalty for overtaking behind the safety car

14:19Richard Westbrook leads at Deene on the restart!!!

14:1847 minutes to go – ready for the green flag to come out again

14:16So, the #33 – possibly Phil Keen, but the transponder’s not helping – leads Westbrook, Phil Dryburgh in the Aston started by Gaw and Werren Hughes in the M-Sport Audi

14:14Safety car is out – we think to recover the long abandoned Optimum Motorsport Ginetta at Tarzan

14:13In GT4 it’s the only non-Ginetta in the class with Steve Chaplin in the Aston Martin

14:12That completes the pit stops – and the #33 should retake the lead, just over the #32 of Richard Westbrook

14:11Webb pits from the lead – Danny Candia to take over that car

14:09Gaw pits from the nose of Webb’s Merc SLS – the open-wheel man will lead at the line with the Aston in pit lane

14:08Johnston pits the Ferrari – Jake Rattenbury will take over the #41

14:081st and 2ns on track – Gaw and Webb now nose to tail just after the hour mark

14:06Still waiting for the top three to pit – Gaw, Webb and Derek Johnston in the lone MTECH Ferrari in the race

14:03Richard Westbrook – into the #32 car has just set the fastest lap of the race trying to chase down the #33

14:01David Ashburn – now well down the order – pits the #31 Trackspeed Porsche

14:00John Gaw and Oli Webb still out on track, running first and second

14:00Parfitt Jr has lost a wheel in the GT4 leading Optimum Motorsport car – he’s out of the car. They had not stopped

13:59#33 is out, followed by the #32

13:58Mark Patterson also in, as is Zoe Wenham

13:57Keen and Fisken pit together – John Gaw stays out to lead in the #6

13:57Rembert Berg, Mark Poole, Duncan Tappy, Gary Eastwood and Jason Minshaw also early stoppers

13:56Pits open – Matt Smith is the first caller in the Redgate/Lifetime GT4 Ginetta

13:5533 laps in  – just before the opening of the pit window – Keen, Fisken, Gaw & Webb are the top four, Andrew Howard 5th by 20 seconds behind 4th place

13:52Ashburn keeps Gaw behind for almost a lap, allowing Fisken to break away

13:50With the leaders lapping Ashburn he’s got himself between Fisken and Gaw is the fight for 2nd

13:49Rick Parfitt Jr skitters wide at Deene, but his GT4 is such – at 23 seconds that he can keep the class lead

13:47Patterson has spun out of fifth down to 9th

13:46Ten minutes until the pit window opens now – Gaw and Keen will probably run longer than Fisken who has Richard Westbrook waiting to take over the #32

13:46Less than 4 seconds between the top 3 now!!

13:43The top three are closing up – 41 the lead, 2.3 between 2nd and 3rd

13:42I did say it was in danger of kicking off behind Ashburn….

13:40Not sure if there was contact but that was all under the waved yellows still protecting the scene of Palmer’s off

13:40Howard hits – maybe – Ashburn at Gracelands – the #31 is stationary but is moving again

13:39Keen’s lead over Fisken has stabilised at about 6 seconds – 5.6 right now after 20 laps

13:38Andrew Howard is now 7th – the first man in the shrinking train behind Ashburn

13:36Jay Palmer has gone off on the exit of Gracelands – he’s out of the #27 Vita4One Ferrari and out of the race

13:3630 minutes – one quarter of the way – in Keen leads Fisken Gaw, Webbs and Patterson with Ashburn sixth

13:33Oli Webb drives right around the outside of the struggling Ashburn at Yentwood, Patterson also gets by the Porsche at Chapman

13:32Fighting with Fortec’s Oli Webb Jay Palmer sails wide at Deene in the Vita4One Italy Ferrari and falls to about 16th

13:31Steve Tandy has been off at Chapman – the front the #888 BMW filled with grass

13:29Gaw is gaining on Fisken for second, gap still out to 4.8 seconds

13:28GT4 update – Parfitt Jr leads James May by nearly ten seconds

13:27There are 8 cars bottled up behind Ashburn – it’s in danger of kicking off

13:26Now John Gaw breaks up the Trackspeed group, passing Ashbrun into Deene hairpin

13:25After 20 minutes Keen leads by 6.5 seconds from Fisken who is 5.2 clear of Ashburn

13:24John Gaw passes Patterson for fourth at Deene – now he sets his sights on Ashburn

13:22Contact between #10 (Rembert Berg in the M-Sport Audi) and Zak Brown’s McLaren is under investigation – that would explain Brown’s early exit

13:21Gregor Fisken is through to second place, Mark Patterson next up behind Ashburn

13:21Keen’s lead is only growing, up to over 5 secs already but there area gaggle of cars bunched up behind 2nd placed Ashburn

13:18Rick Parfitt Jr has taken the GT4 lead

13:17Maybe Phil Keen in the now leading #33 as he is pulling away – leading by 2 seconds after 1 green flag lap

13:16Jon Minshaw takes the leaf from Ashburn at Deene on the restart

13:16Ten minutes of the 120 down and the green flag flies again

13:15Jason Minshaw has pitted the #14 Fortec Merc, but he to remains on the lead lap

13:12James May is leading GT4 for APO Sport

13:11Mowle has stayed on the lead lap with the right-rear tyre replaced on the #8

13:10So under safety car the Trackspeed 1-2-3 survives with Mark Patterson in the United Autosports Audi in 4th

13:09Lee Mowle has pitted the #8 888Optimum BMW at the end of the opening lap with a flat tyre

13:08And we have a safety car – Zak Brown’s first lap has ended between turn 3 and 4

13:08Ahmad Al Harthy spins at Chapman (turn 4) and spins in front of the GT4 pack but everyone avoids him

13:07Zak Brown looks for the lead at Deene but runs wide and plummets down the order.

13:05David Ashburn and Jon Minshaw for the front row ready for the start of the race

13:03Nissan Juke safety car pulls away and lead the pack out the formation lap

13:01It’s a Trackspeed Porsche 1-2-3 at the front of the grid, all three cars starting in the hands of their ‘Am’ drivers

13:00Three minute board held aloft from the flag stand on the start straight

12:58Cars are on the grid for the start of the 120 minute race – refuelling stops will happen during a twenty minute pit window at the middle of the race.