Live: Avon Tyres British GT Championship Silverstone 500

by James Broomhead
2013 Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated during the three hour Silverstone 500 race of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship.

16:04The GT4 class is separated by just 0.285 seconds, Joerg Viebahn and Adam Christodoulou taking the class win for Pro Sport Performance

16:03Jonny Adam and Andrew Howard will finished second in the Beechdean Aston Martin with Dan Brown and Steve Tandy 3rd

16:03Olly Bryant crosses the line to win for he, Marco Attard and Ecurie Ecosse!!!

16:02Last lap – Bryant on the Hanger Straight with the three hours all over

15:54Michele Rugolo – himself having had a puncture earlier in the race – is chasing Richard Abra for 6th

15:53nine minutes to go, Bryant’s lead has held strong at 12 seconds over Jonny Adam, Dan Brown a similar margin behind him

15:51Palmer has got his Ferrari back, but the right-rear corner is shredded

15:51With Palmer’s puncture and a 6 second penalty for Michael Caine in the #1 Porsche, Matt Griffin is in fifth place!

15:48Jay Palmer has another puncture – right-rear this time

15:47The #408 Porsche – now with Joerg Viebahn at the wheel has kept the GT4 lead after than stop

15:44Bryant has a 14 second lead, with Jonny in traffic and 2nd place. Dan Brown is 3rd in the #888 BMW

15:42Both the GT4 leaders pit together with 19 minutes to go

15:42And the Huisman/Braams Camaro has stopped by the side of the track

15:41Palmer has a flat left-front tyre!!! Bryant takes the lead!!

15:40Just 2.7 second between the top two now

15:38That lead battle is now between leader Palmer and second placed Olly Bryant

15:37Side-by-side for the GT4 lead between Adam Christodoulou and Ricardo van der Ende. the Porsche drivers keeps the lead. Just

15:36Jonny Adam will take third place in the #007 Aston Martin

15:35Jay Palmer has spun in The Loop and his lead is just 8 seconds over Olly Bryant as Tom Sharp pits the #40 from second place

15:34Palmer’s lead out to 24 seconds with Tom Sharp now in second having made just 2 stops – 27 minutes to go

15:31This seems to be handing victory to Jay Palmer in the Vita4One Team Italy Ferrari

15:30Oh, and Minshaw is getting ready to get back in the #14 Mercedes

15:29Hetherington has Palmer’s lead down to 17 seconds after taking three seconds out of the margin on a single lap

15:2834 minutes to go, Bryant passed Lester at Stowe to take 4th

15:25Olly Bryant should the beneficiary when those stops come. He’s gaining on them anyway in 5th

15:24Sharp takes third from Lester – but they both need another stop before the end of the race

15:23Hetherington takes second place from Hector Lester, having earlier got by Sharp. 26 seconds to Jay Palmer and the lead with 39 minutes left

15:22The top 5 in, GT4 have only made two stops Luc Braams and Duncan Huisman’s Camaro the best of three stoppers

15:20Adam Christodoulou and Bernhard van Oranje fighting for the GT4 lead

15:19Olly Bryant also on a charge in fifth place, 13 seconds behind Hetherington

15:16Hetherington is gaining on Tom Sharp for third – Sharp still needs one more stop in the #40 car

15:15Klaas Hummel pits the #14 SLS from 6th, 46 minutes to go

15:1151 minutes to go – Bobbi pits from the lead….

15:09Michele Rugolo slows his AF Corse Ferrari from 11th with a puncture

15:07Jay Palmer ready top take over the Vita4One Team Italy Ferrari from Matteo Bobbi

15:06Simonsen pits from the lead – that’s the #3 car’s second stop. Bobbi will take up the lead

15:05The GT4 lead belongs to the Joerg Viebahn/Adam Christodoulou Porsche

15:04An hours to go, Simonsen leads Bobbi with Rembert Berg third in the M-Sport Audi

15:02Hetherington sets the fastest lap of the race down in tenth overall after its most recent pitstop

15:00Only for Simonsen to get the lead on the following lap

14:59Bobbi has taken the lead off Simonsen again as we approach the hour-to-go mark

14:58Marco Attard into the pits from third – Olly Bryant to get into the car he put on pole position

14:56Steve Tandy passes Andrew Howard at Stowe top take fifth from the Aston driver, Rembert Berg also by as Howard runs wide at Abbey

14:55Minshaw stops from third – Hetherington into the #14 Mercedes SLS

14:54Bryant pulls the #45 Ginetta into the garage and John Dhillon stops the erstwhile leading #13 for Aaron Scott to take over

14:52Rory Bryant gets spun out of the way (and 4th in GT4) at The Loops by a faster ferrari

14:50Simonsen and Lester’s car has only pitted once, with most of the chasing cars having stopped twice with every team need to make at least 3 stops

14:48Colin White has come in from fourth – Tom Sharp will jump back into the #40 Ginetta G55 GT3

14:47Simonsen and Bobbi have pulled nicely away from Minshaw in the SLS – 19 seconds back to the man in third yet

14:43Simonsen as yet unable to shake off Bobbi as they continue to pick thier way through lapped traffic

14:391:23 left on lap 39 and Simonsen takes the lead from Matteo Bobbi at Brooklands after Bobbi had been held up in slower traffic

14:37Phil Burton loops the #4 MTECH car at Aintree but continues without damage

14:36Freke pits – possible problem – James May loses the lead of the British GT4  regulars to the Complete Racing Aston

14:34Freke gets 4th off Colin White at Club but runs wide at Village and White gets the place back

14:33Dhillon serves his penalty – Minshaw takes third behind the 2 leading 458s

14:32John Gaw – a front runner at the very start is given a drive through penalty

14:31Bobbi now leads Simonsen, Dhillon and Minshaw. Colin White 5th with Nathan Freke 6th – two Ginettas in the top 6

14:31John Dhillon has also been given a 1 second stop-go penalty – that’s very costly

14:30The Ferraris swamp Minshaw and the Merc goes back to 4th and Bobi goes all the way to front at Brooklands…

14:29It’s now nose-to-tail between the top four, Dhillon, Minshaw, Bobbi and Simonsen

14:29Simonsen has also got by White to put the Rosso Verde ferrari spun by hector Lester up to 4th

14:27Matteo Bobbi is tucked up behind Colin White in search of third and gets by at Stowe. Allan Simonsen is the next man behind white as Attard has fallen to 6th

14:26Minshaw gets by Phil Burton so now has a claer view of John Dhillon for the lead and immediately has Dhillon’s lead down to under a second!

14:23Dhillon’s lead is down to 1.4 – Colin While, Marco Attard and Zak Brown complete the overall top five

14:20Minshaw is gaining on Dhillon at the front  – 2.5 seconds and two slower cars between the leaders

14:18And we’ve lost the British GT4 leaders – Zoe Wenham has stopped between Copse and Maggotts

14:17Marco Attard, who started from pole is back up to fourth

14:15Now Rory Bryant pits from the head of GT4

14:14Conact at Copse – looked like a pair of Aston Martins, one GT4 one GT3

14:14Green again, Dhillon leads from Minshaw’s Merc and Colin White’s Ginetta G55

14:12Dhillon leads, but he’s about sixth or seventh in the train…..

14:121 hour, 50 left and we’re ready to go green again…..

14:11Rory Bryant – still to stop in the Blendini Ginetta G50 is third overall and leading GT4

14:10John Dhillon now leads in the AF Corse Ferrari he shares with Aaron Scott

14:06Warren Hughes shown in second for M-Sport, but now Minshaw pits the Merc from lead  behind the SC

14:05Still under safety car. but at least it’s the leader – still the #14 Merc (no in Jason Minshaw’s hands) – lined up behind

14:02Still waiting for the timing screens to settle themselves down, though at the moment the Blendini Moto Ginetta G50 leads GT4 without having stopped in 7th overall.

13:57Now Hetherington is in the pits. Jason Minshaw set to take over the #14 Mercedes SLS

13:55Mass pittting, slight chaos. Hetherington still shown in the lead

13:52Meanwhile Hetherington still leads and has not pitted

13:51Madness!!!! Ashburn brings the lone Trackspeed car to the pits but crashes on pit in!! Trackspeed meltdown!!

13:48Now we have a Safety Car!

13:48No SC as yet by Gaw and Sharp have both pitted with Hetherington staying out to lead

13:47Fisken was limping back but Keen caught him as he tried to squeeze by at Aintree. Keen was tucked up behind Barff’s Ferrari

13:46Keen’s car is just off the track on the exit of The Loop – I fear another safety car….

13:45Gregor Fisken has a puncture and gets clattered into by Phil Keen in another of the Trackspeed Porsches!!!

13:44Gaw’s lead has remained stable at a second over Hetherington, Tom Sharp is another 1.6 seconds back in 3rd

13:42The VonRyan car is having it’s right-rear suspension repaired. They had contact at turn one, lap one

13:41Barff up to ninth as he passes the GT3B Ferrari of Jamie Stanley. He’s 25 seconds off the lead

13:39Rob Barff is up to 10th – he heads those who stopped under the safety car period

13:37The top five have spread themselves out, but the fight is between those who have stopped fighting their way back up.

13:35Duncan Tappy slow on track in the VonRyan McLaren and he pits

13:34Gaw leads by a second over Hetherington with Sharp now looking for a way past the Mercedes

13:33Ashburn still falls back as both Fortec’s Klaas Hummel and Stark Racing’s Ian Stinton go by at Club

13:32Gaw looks for the lead straight away at Copse and is through! Aston leads!

13:31Safety car coming in – 2:30 to go

13:29All three of the AF Corse Ferraris have stopped twice under the safety car – interesting strategy call potentially.

13:26Huisman’s actually up to 11th overall with the run of GT3 pitstops

13:25Duncan Huisman leads GT4 in one of the Dutch cars ahead of fellow visitors Ricardo van der Ende. Still under SC

13:24So the order now is Hetherington, Gaw, Tom Sharp, Gregor Fisken and David Ashburn

13:23Steve Tandy in the surviving 888Optimum BMW and  Zak Brown now in as the SC period continues.

13:21A few more pit visitors. Demoustier pits from fifth for Duncan Tappy to take over the Mclaren, Andrew Howard also in to hand over the #007 to Jonny Adam

13:19Oder under SC is Hetherington, John Gaw in the PGR-Kinfaun Aston with Jon Minshaw’s Trackspeed Porsche 3rd, but now he comes to the pits.

13:17Pitstop drama for the #80 Barwell Aston as fire extinguisher is sprayed over the car, but it leaves the pits to continue.

13:16Attard pits under the SC – Olly Bryant should take over that machine

13:15We have a safety car to help pick up Blundell’s car and the the debris of the Ginetta which as lost its bonnet

13:14Blundell lost the car under acceleration and collected the #15 Team LNT Ginetta and the #41 MTECH Ferrari

13:13Mark Blundell is walking away from a seriously damaged #24 Mclaren at The Loop

13:12Lap 5 and Hetherington has taken the lead from Attard at Brooklands – simple down the inside.

13:12Ashburn has plummeted down to seventh, fighting to keep Gregoire Demoustier’s Von Ryan Mclaren at bay now

13:11Hetherington has Marco Attard’s lead down to 0.9 seconds while Minshaw has got past Ashburn into third place.

13:10Replays show the #8 and Matteo Bobbi’s ferrari were involve in the incident that put Lester in the gravel

13:09#8 888Optimum BMW of Lee Mowle is  in the pits – far, far too early to be scheduled you would have thought.

13:09Hetherington takes third after going all the way around Minshaw at Luffield, then gets second past Ashburn at Copse to start L4

13:07Hector Lester has spun the Rosso Verde Ferrari at the Club chicane

13:06Lap 2: Attard leads by 1.6 seconds chased by a train of cars head by Ashburn!

13:05Tom Sharp – another pro driver in the first stint is up to fifth as he and Hetherington pass Gregor Fisken

13:04Trackspeed are 2nd, 3rd amf 4th over the line with Benji Hetherington having made it from tenth to fifth in a single lap in the #14 Fortec Merc

13:04Marco Attard leads in the pole sitting Ecurie Ecosse BMW, with Trackspeed’s David Ashburn 2nd chased by teammate Phil Keen

13:02And we’re off!!! Pretty clean start, but Matteo Bobbi spins the Vit4One Italy Ferrari at Copse

12:59……and the #31 Porsche that starts from second is running a new gearbox after warm-up this morning…..

12:58…..the #007 Aston Martin ripped the air hose from the pit gantry as it left to the pits – shouldn’t be a major issue…..

12:57We’re ready for the off at Silverstone. A few pre-race problems. The #78 BMW may not start with fuel pressure problems….

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