Euro Racecar Will Grow & Grow Says NASCAR VP

Euro Racecar NASCAR Touring Series has a bright and successful future ahead of it, says NASCAR‘s Vice President of Regional and Touring Series.

George Silbermann spoke to The Checkered Flag at the inaugural American SpeedFest at Brands Hatch, stating that he was very impressed with the event as a whole.

“It’s been a big success, and when you consider that this is just NASCAR’s second year of involvement with the series, it’s come a long way in a short space of time.

“It may be a little premature to start considering more races in Britain, and we’d have to make sure that they are as much of a success as American SpeedFest has been at Brands Hatch, but we never say never. The series has the ingredients to grow into a very popular championship and I see it going from strength to strength.”

A major difference between NASCAR in the United States and the NASCAR Euro Racecar series is the type of circuit. While the American series only visits two road courses throughout the course of a season, the Euro Racecar stops off once on an oval, the next round of the series at Tours in France.

“In five to ten years time I’d like to think that we can have a good mix of ovals and road courses,” continued the NASCAR VP. “But as I said before, we’re still taking baby steps, but I’d like to see a good mix in the future.”

“When you look at the way the season has started, you can’t look past Ander Vilarino to win the championship. He was our 2012 champion and he’s won every single race that we’ve had, but anything can happen and as we proved in the opening race, any driver can win on any given day.”

Finally, Silbermann gave his expert opinion on how the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season would end. “I couldn’t tell you! Anyone could win on any given week, so it’s going to be close.”