Live: British GT Snetterton – Race One

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated throughout the first of the two 60 minute races for the Avon Tyres British GT Championship at Snetterton.

12:09That concludes the live coverage of the first of today’s 2 British GT races. The second is scheduled for 3pm. Please come back! #BritishGT

12:08Ryan Ratcliffe and Rick Parfitt Jr win GT4 over the Complete Racing Aston of Steve Chaplin and Tom Wilson #BritishGT

12:07Michael Caine holds on for second in the Motorbase Porsche with Warren Hughes third in the M-Sport Audi. Tappy keeps 4th ahead of Jonny Adam #BritishGT

12:06Phil Keen takes the checkered flag for the second win of the season for he and Jon Minshaw #BritishGT

12:05Tandy reports a holed radiator was the cause for the #31′s retirement, he admits he had contact with Matt Bell in the US Audi #BritishGT

12:032 minutes to go – Keen looks safe in the lead as he starts the final lap of the race #BritishGT

11:59Tandy climbs out of the car – possibly overheating? #BritishGT

11:58Tandy pits!! Engine cover off the spotty #31 #BritishGT

11:56Dan Brown has dropped out of the top ten in the #888 888Optimum BMW started from 2nd by Steve Tandy #BritishGT

11:55Tandy and Adam both get by Glynn Geddie into Riches – ten minutes remaining #BritishGT

11:54Keen’s not letting up, another fastest overall through the middle sector of the lap #BritishGT

11:51Keen’s lead is over 6 seconds, the battle is increasingly for 2nd and 4th after Adam and Tandy are catching Tappy #BritishGT

11:49Jake Rattenbury has slowed in the lone MTECH Ferrari in the field #BritishGT

11:48Another place for Tandy – up to 7th now #BritishGT

11:47Tandy up to 8th as that battle shuffles round, Matt Bell and Benji Hetherington falling away slightly #BritishGT

11:45Nick Tandy is down in tenth in the #31 Trackspeed Porsche on the end of a developing battle for fifth place on back behind Geddie #BritishGT

11:44Century Motorsport get a drive through in GT4, their pit stop deemed to be under the minimum time #BritishGT

11:43Keen’s lead grows again with a fastest lap of the race – now 3.4 seconds ahead #BritishGT

11:41lap 18, 24 mins to go Keen’s lead is 2.6 seconds over Caine, Hughes a further second back #BritishGT

11:40Ryan Ratcliffe holds a 22 second lead in GT4. Optimum Motorsport heading for their first GT4 win of the year? #BritishGT

11:38Glynn Geddie holds fifth in the #24 United Autosports McLaren, Jonny Adam is back to sixth with Dan Brown 7th #BritishGT

11:37Keen leads Caine, Hughes and Duncan Tappy in the VonRyan McLaren started by Demoustier #BritishGT

11:36Phil Keen has taken the lead on the Bentley Straight, Caine back to second #BritishGT

11:34Jody Firth, David Jones and John Dhillon all pit to complete the sequence and give Michael Caine the lead #BritishGT

11:34Saddled with an extra 10 seconds in the pits after their Silverstone result Jonny Adam has fallen from the lead to fifth #BritishGT

11:33ALL CHANGE!! Michael Caine leads the top five from the pits, with Waren Hughes in M-Sport Audi back into second #BritishGT

11:32The top five come in together, leaving Jody Firth to lead for United Autosports #BritishGT

11:31Gary Eastwood, jason Minshaw, David Ashburn, Derek Johnston, Colin White and Phil Dryburgh also among those handing over early #BritishGT

11:30The top five come through to start lap 14, by Tandy pits, seconds after the pit window opens for Dan Brown to take over #BritishGT

11:28Demoustier up to 5th, Tandy back to sixth – anymore progress for the McLaren man? #BritishGT

11:25Demoustier has caught the lead battle and is trying to get past Tandy. Howard leads by 3.4 seconds – five mins until the pit window opens #BritishGT

11:21After only a lap in the lead Howard’s lead is 2.222, with Rembert Berg holding onto second ahead of the pair of Porsches #BritishGT

11:19Elsewhere Gregoire Demoustier has made it up to sixth and Steve Chaplin – who started on class pole – has got back into 2nd in GT4 #BritishGT

11:18lap 7 Howard takes the lead at Murray (nee Russell) with Minshaw trying to follow past Berg’s M-Sport Audi #BritishGT

11:17lap 6, 13 mins in -Steve Tandy has been suffled back to 5th, Howard, Minshaw and Al Harthy all moving up a place

11:16There’s then a 3 second gap; to Gary Eastwood in 6th in the FF Corse Ferrari #BritishGT

11:1610 mins in Berg leads by 0.9 over Steve Tandy, Andrew Howard 3rd, Jon Minshaw 4th and Ahmad Al Harthy 5th less than three seconds off the lead #BritishGT

11:14Sounds like a brake problem for the Ecurie Ecosse BMW – a repeat of a issue from qualifying – they’re out early unfortunately #BritishGT

11:13Zoe Wenham’s Century Motorsport GT4 Ginetta looks slightly smoky #BritishGT

11:13Howard gets third back from Minshaw with a move up the inside of Riches – turn one #BritishGT

11:12Rick Parfitt Jr. holds the GT4 lead for Optimum Motorsport with a 4 second lead over James May #BritishGT

11:11Lap three – Berg still leads – Steve Tandy and Jon Minshaw fighting for second place with Howard looking on #BritishGT

11:10Marco Attard also in the pits in the championship leading Ecurie Ecosse BMW #BritishGT

11:09Lee Mowle has also pitted after the early laps and Richard Sykes in the Team LNT Ginetta is another early casualty #BritishGT

11:08Not Minshaw, it’s Gregor Fisken, who’s gone off with Poole around the early part of the lap reportedly #BritishGT

11:07Poole and Minshaw have plummeted down the order – and haven’t come through the first lap #BritishGT

11:06Berg holds the lead with Steve Tandy slotting into third and Howard third in the Beechdean Aston #BritishGT

11:04And they’re off!!! #BritishGT

11:01And away they go for their formation lap around the Snetterton 300 circuit #BritishGT

10:59Mark Poole and Andrew Howard start from an all Aston Martin second row. Jon Minshaw starts the best of the Trackspeed Porsches from 6th #BritishGT

10:58Rembert Berg will start the M-Sport Audi R8 LMS ultra from pole position, with Steve Tandy in the #888 BMW Z4 in second #BritishGT

10:56Good Morning! We’re slightly delayed after some damage in the earlier F4 race at Snetterton but the #BritishGT grid is forming up now