Does Your Car Suit Your Job?

Whilst it would be nice to think the kind of car you drive doesn’t matter at all, let’s face it: if an estate agent turned up to show you round a house in an old banger you’d think twice.

Having the latest make and model of car does matter in certain occupations and to make sure you drive the latest and the best vehicle, Frontier Car Lease Deals are the perfect solution. You can switch cars every two years if you like, meaning you can drive the last word in safety, style and performance.

Going green and saving money are both hot topics as fossil fuel reserves dwindle and the UK economy continues to struggle, and a further benefit of regularly updating your car is that modern vehicles often come with engine stop-start, which helps you to save both money and fuel.

Prestige Car for Prestige Job

If you work in a high-powered profession, chances are you look the part. You don’t want to let the side down by turning up to appointments in a battered old car now do you?

Think hard about the image you want to put across; is it young and forward thinking? Then a sporty cabriolet might be for you. Is it well-established and trusted? Then a classic Jaguar might be more appropriate.

Frontier are Mercedes car leasing experts and so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best advice if you choose this particular kind of car, which is world-leading in terms of safety and style.

Keep it Clean

Having a dirty, untidy car says a lot about you and may lead clients or customers to assume you don’t take care of business if you don’t even take care of your vehicle. So keep it clean and have it fully valeted once a month so it looks and smells fresh – especially important if clients are going to be getting inside!


Of course, not all jobs suit a stylish city-dwelling car. If you have a job which deals more with the outdoors, but you still want to convey a professional image, a Land Rover might be a good choice. Stylish and modern, but robust and roomy you should think in terms of what materials you need to transport and maybe even measure certain models before committing to a lease.

Don’t Be a Hypocrite

If your job involves being environmentally aware, clients aren’t going to be impressed if you drive a gas-guzzling monster. For this kind of job, you may want to think in terms of eco-friendly or hybrid cars.

People make snap judgements so create the best first impression and with leasing you can update that impression as often as you like.