Nissan ZEOD RC Nears Completion

by James Charman

The first Nissan ZEOD RC chassis is nearing completion and is expected to hit the track for the first time in early September.

A team of Nissan engineers recently completed the car’s carbon fibre hub and have been working around the clock to complete the inaugural car build and fit twin electric engines that will initially power the car.

Lucas Ordonez, the first Nissan PlayStation GT Academy winner, was recently announced as the test and development driver for the ZEOD RC, and will climb aboard the car for the first time next week for his seat fitting.

When the car hits the track for the first time, it will be run in pure electric mode, with zero emissions. The team will test a number of ‘electrified’ drive train options before locking in its package for next year’s Le Mans 24 Hours.

“We’re at a very exciting time in the development of the car and ready to kick off what will be an extensive test programme between now and when we roll out the pit lane for the first time at Le Mans next year,” said Nissan’s Global Motorsport Director, Darren Cox. “Just developing a single power train option in only twelve months would be a mammoth task but we’re looking to carefully examine a number of options to ascertain which will be best suited for Le Mans. But it is not just about what is going to be best for the race. We’re developing technologies that will speed up development of road cars in the future. The Le Mans 24 Hour is the toughest endurance event in the world and by participating in the event we can really fast track the development of some of these technologies.”

“While we’re aiming to reach 186mph under electric power at Le Mans, the Nissan ZEOD RC certainly has the capability to go faster than that in a land speed record configuration situation,” added Nissan’s Director of Motorsport Innovation, Ben Bowlby. “That could potentially be our next target post Le Mans, but taking the Nissan ZEOD RC to Le Mans and becoming the first car to complete the entire 8.5 mile circuit is our first target.”

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