RallycrossRX into FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2014

World Rallycross Championship
Tanner Foust who won the first round of RallycrossRX at Lydden Hill.

The first year of RallycrossRX is not even finished and all eyes are looking towards 2014. With plans for an FIA World Rallycross Championship.

It will see the only FIA santioned Rallycross champinship spread its wings to include 3 continants. With potential extra rounds in Turkey, Morocco, USA and the Middle East. Making it a truely Global Rallycross Championship.

All this is of course subject to WMSC approval but covering three continants will be one of the majotr criteria met!

With the support of world class wild card drivers such as Sebastian Loeb, Tanner Foust, Chris Meeke and Mattias Ekstrom joining the perminant drivers that include Petter Solberg, Timmy Hansen and Liam Doran theres not much to object to.

Could Petter Solberg be a world champion again? we at TCF think so!

  • Spencer samios

    What happened to the Global rallycross X games is doing?
    (Which is pretty terrible)

  • Matt Bristow

    Its not the X-games that run it. It still runs as the half time entertainment for NASCAR! http://www.global-rallycross.com/

  • Chris Leone

    A few corrections for the author of this article:

    1) FIA events typically use the distinction “World,” not “Global.” The FIA series is also not folding into Global Rallycross. As such the headline is misleading.
    2) As FIA distinctions state that a “world” championship must run on three continents, which Global Rallycross does (South America via Brazil, Europe via Germany and Spain, and North America via the USA), there already is a “truly global” rallycross championship.
    3) You are incorrect on two fronts: NASCAR races do not have halftime breaks, and the majority of Global Rallycross events are standalone. Only one GRC event from this season has been in conjunction with a NASCAR race week—the July 11 event at New Hampshire.

  • Matt Bristow

    Hi Chris

    Point taken I have duly changed referance from global to world. I clearly state that this is all about the FIA ratified championship.

    Sorry that you may not have caught the british humor in my comment about NASCAR, but you’ll find alot of the rest of the world, myself included, just dont get NASCAR!

  • Vince Pettit

    Good to see an increase in recognition for Rallycross, onwards and upwards