Young Driver AMR To Continue In Memory of Simonsen

Young Driver AMR will continue with their assault on the FIA World Endurance Championship alongside Aston Martin Racing in memory of Allan Simonsen, who lost his life at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

“It was not easy to decide if we should stop or continue our 2013 FIA WEC project after Le Mans” said Young Driver AMR´s Jan Struve. “It has of course been a very emotional time for all of us, so we have spent more time together and phoned regularly to support each other and the final decision to continue in the 2013 FIA WEC was first taken recently after Kristian [Poulsen] and Christoffer [Nygaard] had a test in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE in England.

“It has been a big puzzle to make this happen. On top of the emotional part, we also need a new car to continue, and I’m very thankful to the entire Aston Martin Racing crew, where people have cancelled their holiday to make it possible that we can have a new car ready for the next FIA WEC round at Sao Paulo. I’m happy that we all separately came to the conclusion to continue in the 2013 FIA WEC in the memory of Allan.”

Nygaard will take part in this weekend’s Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, where he will give taxi rides in an Aston Martin on both Saturday and Sunday. All proceeds from the taxi rides will go to the children’s cancer station in Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet Hospital. Also, all proceeds from programmes at the event will go to the Allan Simonsen Memorial Fund, with fans choosing how much they would like to pay for the programme magazine.

“It was of course very emotional to get back into the race car“, said Nygaard. “But we didn’t want to make a decision whether to continue with our program before Kristian and I sat in the car again. The test was obviously very emotional for us. But it was important to both of us how we would feel in the car and if we felt that we are able to continue in the FIA WEC.“