Live: British GT Zandvoort – Race Two

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated throughout the second of the weekend’s races at Zandvoort for the Avon Tyres British GT Championship.

12:06That’s it for a out live blog coverage of the British GT away weekend at Zandvoort – a reminder in the UK you can watch the race on Motors TV at 6pm tonight.

12:05The result give Andrew Howard the championship lead back by half a point over Marco Attard and Olly Bryant in the Ecurie Ecosse BMW

12:03Declan Jones won GT4 in the Century Motorsport car started by Nathan Freke – they’ll take the class points lead into the final round at Donington Park next month

12:02A last lap spin by Jason Minshaw in the Merc dropped him to 10th, giving Motorbase another place and another two championship points

12:01David Ashburn wins, Gary Eastwood 2nd and Jon Minshaw 3rd

11:59But the fight is for 4th on back with 5 cars basically nose to tail

11:58Ashburn goes through to start his last lap – 14 seconds in hand over Gary Eastwood

11:57Attard tries his luck around the outside of tarzan but slithers wide, only just avoiding a dip in the gravel trap

11:56Howard passes Dhillon on the inside at Turn 7. Attard next up to minimise the points loss in the title race

11:55Marco Attard pushed Mowle another place down. He’s now in 7th

11:545 minutes to go, Ashburn backing off, 15 seconds now between him and Gary Eastwood

11:52Howard gets by at Tarzan. Al Harthy takes 10th from a fading Patterson by driving all the way around the outside of the first turn

11:519 minutes to go Andrew Howard and Marco Attard starting to catch Lee Mowle, who is dropping quickly back through the field

11:50Dhillon does get by – up to 4th in AF Corse Ferrari

11:49Motorbase’s charge looks to have stalled in 11th – Al Harthy 8 seconds behind tenth placed John Gaw

11:48Minshaw has got past Mowle for the final podium spot. John Dhillon is next to try and get by the Beamer

11:47David Ashburn’s lead is no 19 seconds, and with 12 minutes left it’s going to take a problem to deprive he and Tandy of a third win this season

11:46Declan Jones has just taken the GT4 lead from the Blendini crew. The Century driver recovering well from their early issues

11:44Jason Minshaw in the Fortec Merc has past Mark Patterson in the United Autosports Audi for 8th – the Audi seems to be fading

11:41Ashburn’s lead holding steady at 17 seconds. Mowle leads Jon Minshaw and John Dhillon in the fight for third

11:40Triple R/Blendini still lead GT4 – is a maiden class win on the cards?

11:40The championship lead battle is on track – Andrew Howard leads Marco Attard by 0.6 seconds – their 2nd and 1st in the points respectively

11:38Derek Johnston also slow in the METCH Ginetta G55 Gt3

11:37So after the stops Ashburn has a whopping 17.4 second lead over Gary Eastwood, now in the FF Corse 458 GT3, Lee Mowle is third in the #8 BMW

11:36Berg has now stopped on the track. Minshaw has spun on his outlap in the car Phil Keen had in 3rd place!

11:35Rembert Berg is crawling around in the WRT Audi after a spin

11:34Barff, Keen and Mowle also in the final seconds of the window. Co-drivers waiting to get in

11:33Tandy pits with 34 seconds of the pit window remaining

11:33Aaron Scott, Jonny Adam, Matt Bell and Benji hetherington all pit together 5th -8th places – 26 minutes to go now

11:31Ron Smith – on his outlap in the Team LNT Ginetta has brushed the wall on the pit straight – he continues – for now

11:29Barff has pulled away from the Keen Porsche – now 2.2 seconds ahead in 2nd place

11:26Rob Barff has taken 2nd from Phil Keen, but Tandy’s lead is up to nearly 10 seconds. David Ashburn will get in the leading car for the second half of the race

11:26Caine is the first man to pit, Ahmad Al Harthy getting in the #1 car

11:25Tandy’s lead is up to 7.1 seconds. The Triple R Blendini car has inherited the lead in GT4

11:24The pit window is just about to open – but most teams will be running long opening stints

11:23There’s a lot of damage to the APO Sport car – they’ve spent most of the weekend repairing that car….

11:22Contact between the two cars is under investigation.

11:21No safety car. Brown has made it back to the pits – broken front splitter at least on the BMW.  Sounds like he tangled with the APO Sport Ginetta

11:20Dan Brown has spun the #888 BMW up the back of the circuit, and Alex Osborne has crashed heavily in the car that was leading GT4!

11:19Lead back up to 5.3 after a quick lap from Tandy. Minshaw easing out to a second ahead of Barff

11:17Tandy loses – yes, loses – 9 tenths on lap 10, his lead 4.7 seconds over Keen, still in 2nd

11:15Hetherington bumps Bryant down another place to tenth place – 43 minutes remaining

11:14Alex Osborne leads GT4 in the APO Sport Ginetta G50

11:13Caine is actually under more pressure from Warren Hughes in the WRT Audi behind

11:12The earlier contact between Jelley and Hetherington is under investigation

11:11Michael Caine takes another place in the race 1 winning Motorbase POrsche – up to 12th now, but with a 6 second gap to the nest man up the road

11:11Tandy now leads by 3.3 seconds over the Keen, Barff battle

11:10Points as it stands: Andrew Howard (Beechdean)103.5, Ecurie Ecosse – 101, Motorbase 95, Nick tandy (Trackspeed) 93, #25 Audi 91, #888 BMW 90

11:06Jonny Adam tried to find his own way past Scott at Tarzan but isn’t close enough to move to the inside

11:06Michael Caine is up to 13th. Joe Osborne takes 4th from Aaron Scott at the S-Bocht chicane

11:05After 3 laps Tandy has a 2 second lead over Keen who is fighting with Rob Barff in the FF Corse Ferrari

11:04Stephen Jelley has survived a spin at the final corner, tapped into the slide by Benji Hetherington in the Fortec Mercedes

11:03Nathan Freke was slow in the Century Motorsport Ginetta G50, but he seems to be back up to speed

11:02Michael Caine is up to 18th in the Motorbase #1

11:02Sorry, Olly Bryant in the #79 – it’s the pros in for the first stint

11:01Marco Attard in the #79 BMW has been shuffled back to 9th by the end of the 1st lap

11:00Phill Kenn takes 2nd in the opening corners – Trackspeed 1-2 with Ferraris 3rd and 4th

10:59And we’re green!!

10:57And they’re off on their green flag lap – the track has dried out completely so there will just be one formation lap before the rolling start

10:53Three minute shown at the start line – getting ready for the off!!

10:52The 2 best placed team in the championship (Ecurie Ecosse’s #79 BMW) and Beechdean’s #7 Aston Martin share the 3rd row

10:51Tandy arrives on the grid, followed by Barff. Phil Keen (Trackspeed Porsche) and Aaron Scott (AF Corse Ferrari) on row two

10:48You – in the UK at least – will be able to watch this race ‘as live’ on Motors TV at 6pm

10:46The pitlane is open and the Dutch sea air fills with engine noise as the cars start their lap to the grid

10:41In GT4 Optimum Motorsport still lead the points, but they won’t be racing after Rick Parfitt Jr.’s big accident in yesterday’s race

10:41We’ll try and keep you updated with the championship standings as they stand throughout the race, with the top three in the championship split by only 4 points at the moment

10:39Yesterday’s race winner Michael Caine starts a lowly 21st – not helped by the 5-place penalty he had after qualifying

10:39Nick Tandy will start on pole in the Trackspeed Porsche, with yesterday’s third place man Rob Barff alongside

10:37We had rain earlier this morning, but it’s now blue skies and hazy cloud overhead for the 60-minute race

10:37The grid is starting to form up for the second British GT race of the Trophy of the Dunes weekend