Boltz-Miller Breaks 24 Hour Kart World Record

Lloyd de Boltz-Miller has put himself in the history books after setting a new Guiness World Record for the most distance driven in a go-kart over 24 hours.

The freelance motorsport consultant reclaimed the world record after losing it to American Trey Shannon in 2011, with the Brit beating Shannon’s best by over 200 miles to set the record at 1081.66 miles.

“We’d planned to run an aggressive strategy, as I wanted to be the first through the 1000 mile mark,” said de Boltz-Miller.

“For the entire 24 hours I was going to have to consistently lap the PFI circuit in less than 34 seconds and that my pit stops couldn’t last more than four minutes each time.”

Despite their communications equipment failing before the attempt had begun, all went to plan early on.

“Throughout, the CRG Black Star chassis and IAME X30 engine worked flawlessly,” Lloyd said. “We had a single issue with a sticking throttle cable but my mechanics, Shaun and Russell Carter, replaced it in just 3 minutes during my ninth stop.”

While the kart was working flawlessly, as the clock ticked on, the physical toll began to have its effect on Lloyd. He battled on though, eventually breaking the record with 38 minutes to go, before pushing on to set the new benchmark.

Because of the high-speed, sweeping corners and minimal opportunities to rest, it meant that after around 10 hours the effect on my mind and body was similar to that which a very high aero car exerts on a driver,” he explained.

“My team had to lift me out of the kart for the last five stops. I also had an ‘off’ 40 laps, during which I dropped half a second off pace due to agonising stomach cramps.

“Going into my penultimate stint I couldn’t grip the steering wheel and decided to stop using the front brakes, which are operated by a lever by the steering wheel which you need to pull firmly. Despite all my aches and pains, my speed was still good.

I was going hell for leather. It was my chance to make history and put the record out of reach. I was 100% dialled and the clock was ticking. I really feel this was the drive of my life!”

Boltz-Miller was raising money for Cancer Research UK. Donations can be made via