Live: Avon Tyres British GT Championship Donington Park – Race

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated during the two hour finale for the 2013 Avon Tyres British GT Championship from Donington Park.


Right, that’s it for this live blog and for the 2013 British GT season. A full race report will be on later.


Oliver Bryant finished 5th overall ahead of Aaron Scott, duncan tappy, Tom Sharp, Phil Keen and Charlie Hollings


With third in the class in the race, but second in terms of the points scoring teams Rick Parfitt Jr. and Ryan Ratcliffe hold onto the GT4 points lead over race winner Declan Jones


Matt Bell and Mark Patterson win the race, with Rob Barff 2nd and Richard Westbrook 3rd but Andrew Howard is champion thanks to a 4th place finish by Jonny Adam in the Beechdean Aston


Matt Bell starts the last lap of the 2013 AVon Tyres British GT Championship


3 minutes to go – just a few laps before the champions are crowned!


6 minutes to go – barring any more incident the title is Andrew Howard’s (I hope I haven’t cursed it now)


Tom Wilson spins the Complete Racing GT4 Aston at the hairpin before rejoining after a second spin


Rory Bryant pulls the Blendini car off the track at the Craner Curves, though he’s now back on the track but still slow


Richie Stanaway is gaining on Ryan Racliffe, but Stanaway and the Aston are invisible in terms of points, so third on track is still enough for the Optimum men…


15 minutes to go – is there another twist left in this race, in this season?


While Bell leads Adam is 4th and Bryant 5th, 2.2 seconds behind, but if he passes Adam the title goes to he and Marco Attard


Ratcliffe serves his drive through put keeps second in GT4 and so the class points lead. 20 minutes to go now


Jonny Adam lets Westbrook by, Adam now 4th, but that’s all he needs to give Howard the title


…..or not as Joe Osborne brings the #8 into the pits from 3rd – now Adam has 3rd place and gives Howard a buffer in the championship


So now Andrew Howard is in place to win the title, but he needs co-driver Jonny Adam to keep Westbrook behind him…..


Duncan tappy has a drive through – he takes it immediately and fall to 6th


Barff has taken the lead gap down to 2.9 as Westbrook looks around the outside of Jonny Adam at Redgate


Stop-go for Ryan Ratcliffe in the Optimum Motorsport Ginetta GT4 – that could give Declan Jones the class title


Adam now has to defend from Westbrook at the same time as chasing down Tappy


Westbrook passes Bryant the Melborne Hairpin to take 6th – can he influence the title race?


The GT4 remains the same, Declan Jones winning the race, but trailing in the championship


Richard Westbrook has caught the Tappy/Adam/Bryant battle – 32 minutes to go


Rob Barff doesn’t look like he’s going influence the destination of the title, 4.3 seconds behind Bell in 2nd place


37 minutes to go – Jonny Adam needs to get by Duncan Tappy for 4th place


Joe Osborne has taken the penalty but has come back out in 3rd – that means Matt Bell is on course for the title with the Beechdean Aston only in 5th


Mike Simpson has retired the Team LNT Ginetta G55 from 7th


The gap between the GT3 leads is back to 1.1, but Joe Osborne has been given a second drive through penalty. Matt Bell will lead the race!


The gap between the top two in GT4 is 5.5 seconds, but Ryan Ratcliffe doesn’t need to win


0.6 between the lead pair, 0.2 between Tappy and Adam – they will be the battles that decide the championship in GT3


The gap between Joe Osborne and Matt Bell for the lead is just 0.875 – and it’s coming down!


Both are bottled up behind Duncan tappy’s very wide Von Ryan McLaren


Jonny Adam, meanwhile, still has his hands full of Oliver Bryant in 5th and 6th


Matt Bell has got by Barff, and is up to 2nd. If he takes the lead (1.7 seconds ahead) he takes the championship as it stands


Both Jones and Ratcliffe move up a place, Ratcliffe still in a clinch position for the Optimum team


And now Ratcliffe is up to third and so takes back the points lead as it stands


Declan Jones runs second in GT4, but he would win the title as it stands with Ryan Ratcliffe only fourth for Optimum Motorsport


Bell and Barff try to go side by side down the Craner Curves but Bell bails out of it, losing ground to the Ferrari down the hill


Bell has caught Rob Barff and Joe Osborne for what will be the lead battle once all the pitstops have shuffled out


Nathan Freke leads GT4, but he hasn’t pitted either yet as we cross the hour mark


The race for the championship is on track, Jonny Adam just ahead of Oliver Bryant in 12th and 13th at the moment.


Jacques Duyer leads in his AF Corse Ferrari, but again he hasn’t stopped yet.


Matt Bell – just into the United Autosports Audi – has set the fastest lap of the race


Gregor Fisken leads the race, but he’s yet to pit to hand over to Richard Westbrook


Also penalised are the Predator CCTV Aston, AF Corse #13, #33 Trackspeed Porsche and Barwell Motorsport Aston


Eastwood and Howard both in with 1hr6 to go Rob Barff and Jonny Adam to take over


Five drive through penalties announced for overtaking under yellow flags including the car Lee Mowle has just brought into the pits.


Eastwood takes the lead at the Melbourne Hairpin up the inside of Lee Mowle. Mowle pits at the end of the lap as Eastwood continues on in the FF Corse car


The lead is now just 0.9 as the pit window opens – Patterson, Demoustier and Attard all in straight away. Howard stay out


Demoustier and Patterson still fighting over third – they nearly come to blows at Roberts but both somehow gather it up and keep their places


Eastwood has got back to within 2 seconds of Lee Mowle in the fight for the lead.


James May is off at the Old Hairpin, rolling back into the gravel….


Patterson also finds his way past the Aston to take fourth. Howard down to 5th but STILL in position to take the title


And now Demoustier is up to third, passing Howard at Coppice… 1hr16 remaining still. Howard still in position to win the GT3 title


Lee Mowle now leads by nearly five seconds over Gary Eastwood. Andrew Howard is another five seconds further back


Demoustier now the man on the attach chasing Patterson and the McLaren man is  through at Roberts Hairpin


Patterson is all over the rear of Howard’s Aston in the fight for third….


There’s black flag for David Jones in the Preci-Spark Mercedes SLS


Gregoire Demoustier is up to 5th in the Von Ryan McLaren, pushing Attard another place back


Derek Johnston is in the wars again – he’s spun off at Coppice in the Mtech Ginetta G55


Attard now falls behind Mark Patterson to take fifth at Melbourne – that’s a buffer for Howard in the Beechdean Aston Martin


And Howard takes third place before Redgate – that’s a pass for the championship!


Howard gets very close to back of Attard’s BMW at Melbourne and a wide line sets up a side-by-side run past the pits


The championship fight is in 3rd, 4th and 5th with Attard, Andrew Howard and Mark Patterson all in contention for the crown


Fisken has spun at Roberts – the last corner – and fallen to 8th, Eastwood inherits 2nd, Attard 3rd.


Al Harthy has fallen to 20th after the spin, but at least he’s continuing. Still 1hr33 to go


Steve Tandy and Al Harthy were both championship contenders. It looks like it’s day over for Steve Tandy and Dan Brown in the #888


Al Harthy is spun around in contact with David Jones and Steve Tandy – Tandy pits the #888 with front and rear damage


Fisken looks for the lead at the Melbourne Hairpin, but comes up short and falls back into second


We’re racing again with Mowle still leading Fisken and Eastwood, 1hr40 to go


Ahmad Al Harthy is just 15th!


As it stands the GT3 championship standings would be Bryant/Attard 125, Howard 122.5, Bell/Patterson 98.5, Caine/Al Harthy 97, Nick Tandy 93


Phil Dryburgh has brought the PGF Kinfaun Aston Martin to the pits with front end damage that has punctured the radiators


And the Safety Car is out as Ashburn has parked the car on the track at Coppice


Ashburn has climbed from the car – that’s the end of Nick Tandy’s championship challenge unfortunately


David Ashburn has spun at Coppice  and looks to have stalled the #31 Trackspeed Porsche


Adrian Barwick has spun the Twisted Team Parker Ginetta G50 out of the Old Hairpin – he had fallen well down the order after starting on class pole


ten minutes in it’s Mowle, Fisken, Eastwood, Attard and Howard in the top five. Attard and co-driver Oliver Bryant on course for the title as it stands


Nathan Freke has got by for the lead of GT4 in the Century Motorsport Ginetta, but Optimum are still second and that’s all they need to win the title as it stands


David Ashburn has lost two places in two corners, falling to 7th behind Andrew Howard and Mark Patterson


David Jones’ Mercedes SLS named as the guilty party in the contact that has damaged the Ginetta


Derek Johnston in the #42 Mtech Ginetta G55 is coming into the pits – rear suspension askew


Lap 3 and it’s Mowle, Fisken and Eastwood covered by 0.8 seconds at the front


Optimum Motorsport lead GT4 after the first lap


Mowle leads lap one, Fisken 2nd, Gary Eastwood 3rd and Marco Attard 4th and in early position to win the title.


They’re off – Lee Mowle leads from pole position with Gregor Fisken second


They’re off to the formation lap – we’ll be racing for the last time in 2013 next time by!


The siren sounds to clear the grid – one step closer to the start of the race. You could cut the tension with a courgette.


Adrian Barwick will start the Twsited Team Parker Ginetta G50 from GT4 pole, but he and co-driver Bradley Ellis are ineligible to score points


It’s mostly the ‘gentleman’ drivers starting the race – so it’s Lee Mowle starting the #8 from pole position alongside Gregor Fisken in the #32 Porsche


32 cars out on the grid, ten minutes away from the race start now


One of the GT3 title contenders – the #79 Ecurie Ecosee BMW has a grid girl AND a bagpiper on the dummy grid. Each to their own.


There are six teams in contention for the GT3 title and five racing for GT4 honours well try to keep you up to date on what’s going on points wise.


We’ve had an eventful day already at Donington Park but now it’s time for the final race of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship!!!