HHC Confirm Two-Car Supercup Entry

by Simon Paice

Ginetta Junior Championship front-runners HHC Motorsport have confirmed plans to launch a two-car entry into the Michelin Ginetta GT Supercup next season.

The Yorkshire-based outfit will expand into the Supercup for the first time, alongside their entries in the Ginetta Juniors and the BRDC Formula 4 Championship.

HHC have dominated the Juniors in recent seasons, winning the last four titles on offer – the main championship’s and winter series’ in both 2012 and 2013.

The Supercup news has been expected since reigning Ginetta Junior champion Harry Woodhead announced his plans to graduate into the Supercup with HHC to TCF after winning the title at Rockingham.

Woodhead is expected to be one of the team’s two drivers, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

“The team has established itself on the British sportscar scene over the past few years, and it makes sense for us to now branch out into the Supercup,” team boss Charlie Kemp told Motorsport News.

“We’ve now got the reputation for producing winners and have a good track record. We give the drivers all the tools they need to become professional racing drivers and would like to take young drivers on a journey from Ginetta Juniors up into top flight GT machinery.”

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