Ginetta Confirm Single-Class Supercup For 2014

Ginetta have confirmed the renamed “Michelin Ginetta GT4 Supercup” will run as a single-class next season, with both the G55 and G50 running to GT4-specification.

In the three seasons of the Ginetta GT Supercup so far, the older G50 cars have run as a separate class from their more powerful G55 big brothers.

After the G50 class struggled for entries in 2013, Ginetta have made the decision to combine the classes under the same GT4-specification, with equalisation through a balance of performance test ensuring they will compete equally with each other.

With the GT4 class running in GT championships all over the world, including within the Avon Tyres British GT Championship, Ginetta feel the move will help drivers aiming for a career in GT racing.

It is crucial for Ginetta to remain flexible enough to accommodate the needs of our customers, and after recognising that GT racing is the ultimate goal of many of our competitors, the GT4 class became the obvious choice,” said Ginetta Championships Manager Ashley Gallagher.

Academy Motorsport tasted success in both the G55 and G50 classes of the Supercup in 2013, leading Sean Huyton to the G50 title as Matt Nicoll-Jones carded two overall race victories.

Team boss Nicoll-Jones feels the GT4 move is a smart one: “The amalgamation of the G50 GT4 within Supercup GT4 next season is a fantastic move by Ginetta in my opinion. The G50 and G55 models provide any driver with the experience required to continue on the ladder if desired to any type of sprint and endurance GT racing, and this move will further compliment an already fiercely competitive grid and will create quite a year for Supercup GT4 in 2014.”