Risi Faced With “Crushing Disappointment” After Qualifying Woes.

Risi Competizione have had a nightmare qualifying session at Daytona International Speedway following electronic issues with their Ferrari 458.

Following a good showing in the practice sessions Risi – and qualifying driver Gianmaria Bruni – were confident that they could show the assembled GT Le Mans (GTLM) class what their 458 could do.

Bruni left the pits in high hopes at the beginning of the 15 minute session but failed to complete a single flying lap as a suspected gearbox electronics problem cut their charge down before it had even begun.

A disconsolate Gimmi Bruni said afterwards: “We had what we think was an electronics issue.  We were stuck in gear and losing power, so it wasn’t a good start to our weekend.”

Team Principal Giuseppe Risi added:  “The car had had no gearbox work done on it following practice as it was running fine but we all know that electronic problems can occur at any time.  It’s a horrible start to our weekend but we have to look forward now and not back, and face the increased challenge presented to us for the race ahead.”

Risi will be hoping that even though they will be starting in 61st place, good fortune will put them back into class contention.