Burns Impresses With Thruxton Top Sixes

by Simon Paice

Will Burns made a huge impression on his first competitive outing at Thruxton with a confidence-building pair of top six finishes in the Michelin Ginetta GT4 Supercup.

With team-mate Sean Huyton unfortunately missing the weekend due to budget restrictions, Burns was Academy Motorsport’s sole entrant for the weekend in Hampshire.

Despite not benefitting from a team-mate to tow with in qualifying like some of his rivalss, Burns impressed with the sixth fastest time.

The reigning Ginetta GT5 Challenge vice-champion maintained his sixth place throughout the opening race, and then in a close-fought second race, he replicated the result to make it three top six finishes for the season.

Burns started race three in sixth place again, and was right in the thick of the action once again. On the final lap, he made an all or nothing move to gain multiple places at the final chicane, but unfortunately some contact spun him around and he failed to finish

“I tried to use the grip of my new tyres to make up for a bad start in race three, but on the abrasive Thruxton surface they began to fade,” said Burns. “With everyone holding each other up in front of me, the Academy guys have done such a great job to eliminate understeer that I knew I still had a chance.

“I went for a very eager move at the end where I tried to take four cars in one chicane. It didn’t quite work out but they now know that I’m going to battle it out in this championship. It’s given me a lot of confidence going to Oulton Park after this break.”

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